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  1. I can see the need for an EQ mount for imaging but does the mount affect the enjoyment of observing normally. Is it hard to keep things in the scopes field of view?
  2. If you could choose from a skywatcher explorer 200p/1000 EQ5 or a skywatcher 10" skyliner 254/1200 with flex mount which would you go for? the difference in price is about 100 euros Thanks
  3. Hi, I´ve ordered a skywatcher 200p with Eq5 mount with the hope to add motors later but I´ve been told on this site that the scope is heavy for this mount and the motors won´t cope . What do you think? Does the mount seem too weak for your scope?
  4. Thanks for all the replies. The telescope mount is the NEQ5 and it doesn´t come with any motors although you can add them, I think. I´m not sure what the N stands for as the mounts sold separately are called EQ5. The HEQ5 is more than double the price.
  5. I´ve just ordered my first telescope a skywatcher 200p/1000 NEQ5 and I´d like to know if this mount is any good for photography. After a lot of reading on the internet I decided not to go for a dob as they can´t track. My intention is to buy a motor for tracking later but will it be good enough? Thanks!
  6. thanks Isabelle I´m new here so not sure what I´m doing. I loved your photos of the aurora !
  7. I started looking into buying a telescope a couple of weeks ago and after looking around in the net I decided to order a skywatcher 200p/1000 NEQ5 with the hope that it was big enough not to be disappointed with what I saw. I also wanted in the future the possibility of adding a motor to the mount for tracking to tack photos.I´d like to know what you think of this combination. Is the mount any good for photos. Thanks :)
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