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  1. Hi Tom,

    I'm sure it'll be worth it in time. I bet its exciting waiting for dark to arrive on the first few nights :o It was raining here last night- I suspect its due to all these new astro-peeps :D

    Let me know how you get on- I'd love to hear how the first few nights observing goes! (that might tide me over til I get mine :o

    Best wishes,


    I´m limited to weekends and it´s been great seeing most weeks except the weekends.This weekend is going to be bad so I´m sure you´ll have many hours observing under your belt before me.

    I hope you´ll be out enjoying your scope soon.

    good luck

    Tom ;)

  2. Although I've had my 200 PDS for a few weeks now I still haven't found the best tube position for viewing. Obviously whatever you do the eyepiece will end up in some strange positions from time to time, but I just wondered if there was an optimal position for rotating the tube in the rings to minimise that. I'd be interested to know if more experienced users have a preferred orientation of the tube to suit most parts of the sky, or is it a case of deciding where you are likely to be viewing and rotating the tube in advance so the eyepiece will be in the best position.


    I´ve seen I think at astronomy shed on youtube an extra ring placed at the top of the tube so you can rotate when needed without the scope slipping.:D

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