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  1. I´m limited to weekends and it´s been great seeing most weeks except the weekends.This weekend is going to be bad so I´m sure you´ll have many hours observing under your belt before me. I hope you´ll be out enjoying your scope soon. good luck Tom
  2. Hi Vicky good luck with your new scope. I´ve just started too with an 8" but on an eq5 mount which isn´t easy to get to grips with Tom
  3. I´ve seen I think at astronomy shed on youtube an extra ring placed at the top of the tube so you can rotate when needed without the scope slipping.
  4. Hi and welcome:hello2:
  5. Hi and welcome:hello2:
  6. Hi and welcome:hello2:
  7. Hi and welcome:hello2:
  8. Hi and welcome from Euskadi:hello2:
  9. Hi and welcome:hello2:
  10. Hi and welcome from Euskadi:hello2:
  11. Hi and welcome from Euskadi:hello2:
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