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  1. Oh so these particles are virtual does that mean they are not real?
  2. Well I was watching Throught the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman and it said something about 2 particles popping into existance in empty space then meeting and popping out of existance again. It was the black hole one. I was thinking wouldn't that violate the conservation of energy, 2nd law of thermodynamics, the one that says energy cannot be created nor destroyed. I thought mass and energy was the same so if 2 particles popped into existance is that not energy being created or am I being stupid and overlooking something.
  3. So what does that book entail? Also I know it is all to do with space but what about books more to do with particles like more of a perticle physics book.
  4. Right so I am interested in all the physics to do with space and all that stuff. I want a book which covers a lot of theories etc. I have a background knowledge of physics so I would like a book to be realtiely in-depth but not extremely complicted. I wondereed if anyone could recommend a book. I don't want it to be astronomical because I already have astronomy books just purely physics. p.s. by theories etc. I mean things like- the big bang, space-time and other similar physics topics.
  5. Thanks for all the answers I shall have a look next time the skies are clear. I do take it they won't look as good as the photos you see of them. How much detail do you think I will be able to make out on the galaxies and nebulae etc.
  6. Hello there I wanted to know what Messier objects would be best to observe around this time. I have never observed any before so what are the easiest ones to see. Could I also ask in your opinion what is the best looking Messier object.
  7. Haha that was my thaughts exactly. I really wanted to speak to the person who wrote that. It really annoyed me:mad::L
  8. Last night after having a good long look at the Moon I decided to and find Saturn before bed. So I found something where I thought it should be and focused on it but it was just a ball of light. I was pretty dis-heartened then I realised that I was probably looking at a star:o So I had a look at my laptop and checked where it should be and tried again but once again it was just a ball of light. I am borrowing a 60mm refractor until my first telescope arives. I read that I should be able to see the rings, is this true? Can anyone help?
  9. Okay so tonight I thought I try observing the moon which I did succesfully but my sketch went a bit wrong. My artistic skills leave something to be desired, although I saw alot of detail it failed to reach the paper. I wrote down all of the suggestions although not a lot went wrong. Well thanks everyone.
  10. Okay thank-you everyone that has been a big help.
  11. Thanks for that. No I will not be looking at the sun throught my telescope any time soon. My friend does something with card, I think so he was going to show me how to do that. I shall go and have a look at that column now.
  12. I am just about to start using my first telescope:D. Anyway I was wondering taking notes on what I see (I am that has notes for everything, I have notes for every lesson at school and teachers wonder why I use so much jotters :L). What I want to ask is how do I take notes eg. what kind of things should I take notes on? Would it be a good idea to make sketches. I am planning on the planets and the moon. Also if I was to observe the sun then what should I look at then? Would it be a good idea to have 1 notebook per object or just 1 for everything?
  13. I have just bought that telescope and everybody I know of who have it highly reccomend it. It has also had quite alot of good reviews.
  14. Okay. That one looks quite good so now I suppose I will have to buy one then I will finally be able to get a closer look at the sky which I have been looking forward to for a while now. I would just like to thank everyone for their help.
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