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  1. 15x70s will do it under a dark sky. I was out last night and it was just about visible in 15x70s. Really faint though and on the limit for my eyes. Didnt have my 10x50s to try. Unfortunately no scope either!
  2. Hello, For once I was lucky and had an almost clear sky on Sunday. Here are a few pics that I took (with a canon EOS 40D and 100-400mm lens) IMG_0883 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! IMG_0882 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! IMG_0878 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! All the best Jack
  3. Hello all, I have a Skywatcher Explorer 150mm reflector (f5) and live in an area of terrible light pollution. I currently use an Antares LPR Nebula filter which certainly helps the contrast of some DSO's. Am I right that an OIII filter would only be useful with a larger scope for visual use? Is this the case with a UHC filter too? Can anybody recommend any other filters that may help with DSO's for a scope like mine. Many thanks Jack
  4. Hi all, Despite the constantly changing and very muddy conditions I still managed to get more observing time in this year than last year. Friday night (especially from about 3am onwards) was the best. The things that I will remember from this year (other than mud and ducks) are M31 and M101 through a 16" lightbridge (thanks very much Andrew), the veil nebula, NGC 7331 and Stephans quartet, all in a 10" dob and M37 looking 3D through binoviewers (thanks to Mick who's helped me out 2 years running). Shame it's back to an orange sky and small scope on the balcony again, but I am even more fired up now to get out and see what I can find. All the best Jack
  5. I went last year for the first time and it was great. No work, big fried breakfast in the cafe, pub meal and beer in the evening. When the sky cleared on Sunday it was the icing on the cake. I've got my pitch book, full blessing from the girlfriend and no work. Trouble is after being made redundany don't know if I've got the petrol/pub money to go! Will sell my granny if I have to. All the best Jack
  6. Hi all, Sorry to join in so late on the thread but this is my first post on this forum. I have seen 26 since starting observing about 18 months ago. A few were when I was at Kielder (like the North American nebula) but most from from the balcony of my flat. Jack
  7. Hi all , Did anybody see the transits this morning? I was out from around 00:45 to 01:15 and managed to see Jupiter between all the cloud. In the clear patches I could see two moons quite close to Jupiter and a definite black dot nearly halfway across. I thought I saw a second black dot but it was in the dark belt and I couldn't be sure. According to Starry night at around 01:00 Europa was moving across Jupiter, with Ganymede and Callisto close by and Io hidden. Starry Night had Ganymede passing infront of Jupiter around 02:30. So I think I saw one of the moons in transit, but the second black dot may have just been my eyes or something else. Jack
  8. Thanks Mick, I will give it a go. All the best Jack
  9. Hello, Does anybody run a Celestron Neximage on Windows Vista? I have tried to download drivers from the Celestron site but can't get it to work. Any suggestions? Thanks Jack
  10. Thanks for your comments. I used a Celestron Neximage. I have actually had it for a while but never used it as I don't have a laptop. I put my telescope on the balcony and focus my computer on the other side of the room. When I first tried my computer kept freezing and was just impossible but not that I have sorted out my computer it's a bit easier but the focusing is still a pain having to go back and forward from the telescope to the computer. Jack
  11. Hello, I have just got a webcam and had a go at Saturn - this is the second bash (it's an improvment on the first which I didn't bother to post on this site. Cheers Jack (click to enlarge)
  12. Thanks Trev and Ian, that has saved me time and money! Jack
  13. Hello, Does anybody clamp their SLR to their telescope to photograph using projection? Does it work OK, if so where could I get a clamp for my EOS 350D? Thanks Jack
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