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  1. Now I feel real mug. I've come up to South West Scotland (New Galloway area) working till Friday - It is absolutely pitch black up here. Why didn't I put the mak in the boot?!?!? I'm giving "amateur" astronomy a whole new meaning.
  2. Yes I tried Andromeda but I'm too low in the valley to see that this time of year. I think I caught m65/m66 but couldn't make much out and this was the point the cat decided to realign the tripod!. By the time I got round to looking at the great nebula in orion it had gone behind the house as I was messing with the goto for so long. A few lessons learned anyway. I've ordered a zoom eyepiece to help with setting up the goto accurately - I got the skywatcher one for £60, it might not be the best optically but it doesn't need to be really, happy to swap to dedicated eyepieces once its aligned. I
  3. Bit of a frustrating night in the end. Problems with goto alignment, moon was pretty bright, murky skies low to the east, my own stupidity with positioning, then one of the cats decided it wasn't quite aligned and just needed a good rub on one of the legs!! Not to worry. Will try again next weekend.
  4. Brilliant. Thanks for the tips. Hopefully I will get a good enough alignment with the goto to find these, but I'm not counting on it so I'll have my maps out! I seem to recall seeing a double star when I first bought the kit but not seen any lately. I will look out for that tonight too. Better pop it out side and let it get nice and cool for later... Cheers. Gaz
  5. doh, not feet. I'm about 350 meters above sea level with a short walk to 450m+.
  6. I've been enjoying some good views of Jupiter this week, clear banding and 4 shiny moons - nice view as early as now even. Lunar views have been spectacular too and I could even make out the polar cap on Mars late on - although it was little fuzzy and quite low on the horizon. Now I know my scope is not an ideal tool for DSO's but if anyone can give me some pointers of something I can spot tonight I'd be grateful. Just want a bit of variety tonight as the skies are crystal clear, I've only nipped out to capture planets so far really. I have pretty dark skies, I'm 300ft+ above sea level in the
  7. Hi Sheffielder - I'm new too and not far from you. I'm up in the nice dark peak district on a farm with no street lights on the road : ) Just bought myself a stargazer mak102 on a goto mount. First sight of Saturn last night and I was blown away. Only on the wide angle lens (a 32mm) to make things easier to spot, but still seeing it was magical. Not much doing tonight though - clouds and rain : ( Gaz
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