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  1. Hi. I haven't been on here for some time so imagine my surprise when I checked in last week and saw a second star party this year. Anyway, I'm coming for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Hoping to improve my rather rudimentary imaging skills. I have finally got a decent DSLR I can call my own. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  2. It's a bit like a tiny festival with lots of telescopes and very little light after dark.
  3. I havent been on here for months. Too obsessed with the Glastonbury line up! Is it too late to come to this outreach thingy? Cheers
  4. I am now booked in for Thursday to Saturday. Hope to see everyone there.
  5. I'm still trying to book. I was still on the bus back from Liverpool on the Sunday when bookings were opened. I can't see any links in the appropriate area
  6. I would love to come but sadly I am going to Liverpool this weekend as past of a Stag party. Fingers crossed you have decent conditions for a change.
  7. I am really pleased to see this. I spend a lot of time thinking about suitable sites and there's a few here not far from me that I hadn't considered. Cheers Rhys
  8. Google is saying it will be quicker via M4, Newport, etc. Any suggested meeting point?
  9. I actually live in Pontyclun.. it might be quicker for me to go up the a470 by passing Merthyr and over the Heads of the Valleys road. My knowledge of those ares is pretty hazy to be honest. Thanks for the co-ordinates!
  10. Hi guys. i' d like to tey and get to this session but I have never been to the Blaenavon site before. Can somebody give me directions, etc or perhaps email them to me. Much appreciated.
  11. Hi. I just thought I'd mention that I have booked to stay at Lucksall for Saturday night (15th September) and will be taking my scope. New moon on Sunday and a good forecast. I had no problem booking my camper in if anyone fancies a session. Cheers Martin
  12. Excellent viewing. Interesting to have all female presenters and it was directed by a lady to boot. I wish my daughter had taken some interest in it.
  13. Hi guys. I'm well up for this. I would need a pitch for a large motorhome ideally with EHU but can manage without if necessary. Sounds really good to me. If the wife isn't coming along I can put a bunch of people up too (but there's every chance she will want to).
  14. Weather forecast this morning was for clearing overnight. Have fun. Really disappointed I can't come especially as my scope is now useable again.
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