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  1. Wonder what the blueish streak in the centre of the image is. Only on this image.
  2. The dew patch has finally gone. 90s exposure, gain 200, temperature -21.0°C.
  3. Yes, clear skies here. Can't yet tell if I've cured the problem - I need to get the positive pressure system working and see if the pressure is maintained or if I have a leak. I think the chances are good though.
  4. Alright again now! 90s exposure, gain 200, temperature -21.1°C. The heating added in the casing has reduced the effectiveness of the camera cooling. The dew is clearing.
  5. Now what's happened????
  6. Acrylic I believe. No binning.
  7. Got dew. Seems the dew heater isn't working. Just been out to observatory and done some testing. Rewired the dew heater line to the raw +13.8v main obsy supply and the increase in current shows that the dew heater is now working. Just waiting for the heating to take effect now,
  8. Thank you very much ?
  9. 90s exposure, gain zero, temperature -23.6°C.
  10. 60s exposure, gain zero, temperature -23.6°C.
  11. 30s exposure, gain zero, temperature -23.6°C. Time to up the exposure to 60s I think.
  12. 30s exposure, gain zero, temperature -23.6°C. One hour to astronomical dark.
  13. Ursa Major is now showing and I was able to fine focus remotely. It was only a couple of fine steps from optimum. 10s exposure, gain zero, temperature -23.6°C.
  14. Think I have the focus motor connected. Now just waiting for the stars. Camera cooling is better than before with the different waterblock. Now at -23°C. Desiccant is working - no condensation. I just plugged the air tube to the ASC to keep moisture out. I'll see if I can connect up the pressure system tomorrow.
  15. Well, I have the ASC installed on the north side of the observatory though not everything is working yet. I've connected up the dew heater and camera cooling and running the cooling water circulation. I have yet to connect the focus motor and the pressurisation system. I may get some of that done this evening but now I'm going to get myself some food. Meanwhile, here's the first image with the new version and a photo of the installation.
  16. Phew. Just struggled with the main seal, between the casing top and the base. Also bolted through to the mast connecting piece. 8 M4 bolts and nuts - pukka flange joint! Silicone sealant everywhere and a fair bit in the joint. I'm doing the dome seal last. That will let me fill the space with silica gel bags. Now taking a tea break.
  17. I see the inspection department has had a look ? Lovely doggie.
  18. Mast to ASC fitting completed. Wiring inside ASC completed. Waterblock clamped onto Peltier TEC and camera for camera cooling. Time presses on but I'm taking a much needed cuppa break... Whether I actually make it for this month's one clear night sky remains to be seen.
  19. Hopefully on the final furlong of the race to finish this incarnation of the ASC. I want it out there by tonight! Printing the funnel shaped support that connects the ASC to the hollow mast and sorting out the final camera asse4mbly and wiring.
  20. The shuttering on my block/pier just went down to about an inch below ground level. Just enough to hold it and stop the concrete running out. Screwing held the wooden parts together.
  21. Made an error in the design so now printing another casing top. Meanwhile, I've been working on the electrics and the air reservoir. I'll probably use a 2L milk bottle as that has a large enough lid to take two grommets - one for the air tube to the ASC and the other for a bicycle valve to apply pressure.
  22. HAT circuit modified. Currently printing casing top. Base and USB cable clamp printed and USB cable clamped and sealed.
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