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  1. New target - Heart and Soul.
  2. Hmm... Maybe I'll leave Orion for a while and see if I can grab something else...
  3. Polaris is showing but having slewed to Orion I'm getting nothing. May not be above the far hill and trees yet. That's a few degrees above horizontal.
  4. I thought I'd whispered it!
  5. Totally clear sky here ATM, nit a cloud in sight! All set up ready to capture as soon as it gets dark enough.
  6. I'll probably go for the Heart and Soul after midnight as previous imaging sessions of those were rather poor. I'd be better turning the rig round to improve framing but then Orion would suffer.
  7. I have managed to get KStars showing DSOs which is very helpful. Here is my Orion FOV.
  8. I have the opposite problem - obstructions to the west so Orion will be obscured from around midnight onwards. I plan to image Orion until it gets obscured and then choose something else.
  9. CO is now showing green (clear) all night
  10. I'm using a gain of 300 for Simeis 147 with exposures of 450s with my ASI 1600MM-Cool camera.
  11. Looking through last night's subs, I have 21 in the main set of g300 450s and another 10 at other gains and exposures. These others look quite good and if I take extra darks to match, I can add them to the total and improve the result, I believe.
  12. Back from a walk up the hill and a chat to the neighbours. Lovely sunny day and quite warm in the sun. Feel better for it I lost a couple or 3 hours of subs last night due to falling asleep and deciding to go to bed leaving it all running. Collecting darks ATM.
  13. Lovely day and thinking of taking a walk up the hill - might blow my cold away (or make it worse).
  14. The problem with Orion is that it never gets very high in the sky here and sets behind western obstructions quite early. I think I may image that early on and then swap to something else for the rest of the night. I could go back to the Heat and Soul in Cassiopeia. That area doesn't set. ATM I'm only set up for widefield, currently about 10° x 7.5°. I have lenses for about 7° x 5° after that it's scopes. Esprit 80ED Pro is 400mm FL f5 and about 3.4° x 2.5°. The latter is just nice for HH and Flame in Orion. Whether I can get that ready for this season remains to be seen.
  15. Think I might go for that part of the sky next - it's right next to Simeis 147 and very much brighter. The HH and Flame are also a contender. I know I can do a lot better than my previous attempt by using lower gain to stop the funnies on Alnitak, which was vastly overexposed. There are so many interesting DSOs and so few clear nights!!
  16. I have a 3D printed conical dew shield which fits on the lens and I drilled a series of little holes to take the resistor wires in a ring just in front of the lens. The resisters were inside with the joins in the wires on the outside. I covered the joints on the outside with hot melt glue. Power to the dew heater is controlled from the RPi.
  17. Histogram and result of stretching in GIMP.
  18. The forecasts for tonight now look the same as last night's!! BBC and MO clear all night, CO cloud until late! Think I'll see if I can take it easy today so that I'm fit for a late night. Still have a cold but not quite as bad as it was.
  19. WOW!!! So much activity after I went to bed!! I could have done with staying awake for just another half hour because tracking stopped and the rest of the subs were just streaks of stars! Everything was running fine when I went to bed. I was so tired that I was already dropping off sat on the settee I might have given up anyway when it went wrong. Last good sub was 0010 this morning - just after midnight. Normally I stay up until 1am or more! Anyway, the result was 23 reasonable looking subs, one short of 3 hours. Might have got another hour or two before the view was lost. Today, I shall set up for a new set of darks to match the longer 450s subs.
  20. Clear here and continuing with imaging. I'll leave the rig running while I go to bed. I shall loose the image when the roof gets in the way but I can just dump those subs. Goodnight all - bed calls. Good luck to everyone continuing.
  21. Now have 16 Simeis 147 subs of 450s - a total of 2 hours. All the subs look similar and reasonable. No misting problems so far so either the dew is less or my dew heater is doing it's job
  22. Now have 10 fairly decent subs of Simeis 147. 75 minutes total. 1¼ hours.
  23. Just had a look outside myself and lots of clear sky though slightly fewer stars showing over to the east. Yes. Betelgeuse definitely looks dimmer than it used to. It was as bright or brighter than Rigel but now it's distinctly dimmer.
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