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  1. Now I need to find out how to combine the Ha and OIII to make a coloured image. First attempts - far from brilliant!
  2. Suffering from a bit of quantisation in GIMP but here it is anyway. Heart and Soul in OIII stretched, cropped and scaled.
  3. Star alignment done now stacking (ImageIntegration in PI-speak).
  4. 172 OIII subs calibrated and now star aligning.
  5. Now to use the correct settings to calibrate the OIII then align and stack in PI.
  6. Post-processed in GIMP. rotated, cropped stretched in Levels, scaled and saved in PNG format.
  7. I think that's it so buying the Second Edition was worth it! Screenshot of PI with stretched image.
  8. Been reading the Second Edition of the "Inside PixInsight" book and there's a slight difference in calibrating with darks for cooled CMOS cameras so I'm trying that for the Ha.
  9. My cold is worse again and I'm struggling - probably not a good time to do anything complicated or critical, not that image processing is critical but I was hoping to do more to my ASC and/or sort out guiding.
  10. Stacking finished. Here's a screenshot of the result in PixInsight with stretch. Image of the nebulosity isn't too bad but again the calibration doesn't seem to have worked very well. This is in spite of taking a lot of care with the calibration images.
  11. Oh... Had a thought - really want to align Ha subs at the same time. Oh well, at least I can see how well the OIII does. That's the trouble with a couple of years break between astro imaging!! I'll get myself sorted out in time
  12. Now doing StarRegistration (Alignment) of 172 subs.
  13. I need to sort out where I allocate for PI jobs. Currently I'm using my first SSD which contains the OS but I have a second SSD which I had for astro files but filled up a few years ago with astro files. Now moving a pile of these to HD but that is getting full so I shall have to move a lot of astro data right off the computer onto an external drive. Mind you I think a lot of it is rubbish but sorting it out would take a lot of my valuable time!!
  14. Don't think I can blame the computer Carole. Must resist trying to do things late at night if I'm tired!! "The nut behind the wheel" in car parlance!!
  15. Ah yes, that's true. The file names are totally different so that isn't the reason. With separate sets I have 41 and 131 - adding I make it 172!! It must have been me not selecting all the files somehow, last night!
  16. It already is. That's why I said the chance is small - in fact, vanishingly small, needing the start within a second!! I'll check...
  17. Had a thought as to why my H&S OIII subs went from 172 to 154. Being two lot on separate days they were in separate folders and some of the filenames might have been the same - a very low probability but the only thing I can thing of. Anyway, I'm repeating the process with in two lots and saving to separate folders.
  18. Think I'll leave it for tonight - guess I'm tired from all the late nights and still have a cold!
  19. Checking again gives 131 + 41 = 172. Hmm... still 18 missing. Checking the number of files in the Add Files box there's 154 so I must have missed some.
  20. Calibrating 173 H&S OIII subs now... EDIT :- Oh it seems to be 154 not 173...
  21. Been going through my collection of OIII subs for the Heart and Soul. 131 decent subs for 2020-01-21 and 42 for 2020-01-22. Total of 173 x 3m = 519m = 8h 39m. That should do. Now they need calibrating and stacking. Going to need a lot of space - 173 calibrated subs at 64MB ≈ 11GB.
  22. Been looking at guiding. I think an OAG will be fine with my Esprit 80ED Pro (and MN190) and I have all the required parts. Unfortunately for lenses this won't work because the guide camera won't go far enough in - I'll need to use a separate lens for guiding.
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