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  1. I just use clean glass. Mainly borosilicate glass but I have also used float glass as used in windows. I clean the glass with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) though with a glass plate that is removable, washing up liquid and warm water, well rinsed off and dried with clean kitchen paper works well. I've tried all sorts of goo applied to the glass but for PLA and PETG nothing I've tried is any better than clean glass and mainly worse.
  2. Focus Motor with pinion added.
  3. It's not raining ATM - that's a minor miracle!!!
  4. Redesigned the outer casing to attach to the ROR.
  5. It was clear here earlier but now clouded over!
  6. I've not tried carbon fill but have tried wood fill - horribly difficult to print as it's very brittle. I also have bronzefill PLA which is very heavy and bought for printing weights. Carbon fill wears out nozzles at an alarming rate unless you use steel or ruby nozzles.
  7. It's a 4" (100mm) dome with flange an extra 10mm all round.
  8. Sound about right to my Mrs Heath-Robinson ears! OK so I hear with my eyes or is it see with my ears??? Confused?? You will be!! I always am!
  9. Yes, alright for observing where you're in there anyway and can push the dome round. I'm an imager so see things from that POV I'm afraid...
  10. Yes, a dome has to be automated whereas a ROR is optional.
  11. I'm sure that's the best Heart I've seen - brilliant. Even Melotte 15 is showing well.
  12. Decided on the cooler, finally. Read some reviews of the Nofan and it seems it's almost as good as water cooling and better than normal air cooling. Decided it was well worth a try. Bound to be better than the aluminium Artic Alpine 11 Passive that I already have without fan. The cost is not that much compared with the overall cost of the project (and astro related items). As they say "Don't spoil the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar".
  13. Imaging Saturn complete with rings with my first telescope and a webcam. Never to be forgotten.
  14. More done to the design. Dew heater and remote focussing seem practical.
  15. 8 resistors for the dew heater and part of focus lever added.
  16. Regarding cooling the Peltier TEC hot side, I currently see three options. Large aluminium cooler with forced airflow Large aluminium cooler passive Nofan It would save work without forced airflow. Nofan seems best but costs money. Still considering but favouring 2. or 3. Whichever cooler I use, I need to make space for dew heater resistors (unless I vent warm air from the cooler up to the dome, which I've pretty much rejected). It would also be nice if I could include remote focussing. Here is the current assembly without cooler. I think dew heater can go around the bottom inside of the dome. That may still leave room for a focus lever. I'll add to the drawing...
  17. PETG uses lower temperatures than ABS and doesn't produce the noxious fumes that ABS does in printing.
  18. WOW Wim, what a difference! Just shows that PI is very powerful and that I've got a huge amount to learn. Wonderful. Amazing first NB and goes to show what image processing can do.
  19. On a previous version of my ASC I used the large passive cooler as exactly that - passive - just relying on convection of air over the fins. With the cooler horizontal this was not as efficient as it would be if the air was free to move straight up between the fins. But it was almost good enough. The results were given in the post dated 6th July. Seems to me that the NOFAN should work well in any orientation and with copper heat-pipes and large surface area it should be more efficient. I guess I could try the arrangement I used before though I would improve the mounting but the NOFAN would be much easier to mount. Must give it some thought.
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