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  1. After setting it all up again it's got down to 11°C and seems to have stopped getting any cooler.
  2. Have the Nofan perched on three blocks 50mm above the table which should improve airflow through it.
  3. I've already decided not to set up tonight. The sky is simply not good enough and I'm not feeling 100%. See what happens in the next few nights. Getting closer to having my ASC ready for outdoor testing.
  4. Thought I'd try continuous exposures to see if imaging made any difference to the temperature - it didn't - steady at 11°C. Turned out the lights and ran a sequence of 30s exposures.
  5. Well, surprisingly it seems to be better, the temperature has dropped to 11°C. Room temperature same and I don't think anything else is different though the thermal contact to the TEC could have changed, I guess, maybe squeezed the thermal paste out a bit... Dunno!
  6. Cloud is covering half the sky to the east. There is a very heavy due. Don't think I'll bother.
  7. The new print has finished and I'm now running a test to see if there's any difference from the previous one under the same test conditions. The difference with this print, apart from the mounting holes and the rerouted USB cable is that this uses ordinary rectilinear infill rather than the honeycomb I used previously. This gives a more open cell structure with a lot less filament. Also less printing time. Again starting with the camera running and starting at 28°C.
  8. Hope the clouds over here don't go over there then...
  9. Just had a look outside - partly cloudy - a few brighter stars and a planet or two showing. Not setting up yet.
  10. The only filament that really suffers from damp is Nylon but that is extremely difficult to print anyway and few printers are capable. Normal indoor conditions shouldn't give you any problems with PLA. A damp shed may be different.
  11. Not going down much more - just 13°C now. So that's about it. Total cooling 15°C. That may be enough for a cold night and will be better with free airflow.
  12. Clouds are gathering here now and not just little white fluffy ones - great big black ones!!
  13. Well, the temperature has come down to 14°C so far. Think it's still going down. Not surprised the cooling isn't brilliant as I'm not really giving the cooler much of a chance. Ambient is 21°C.
  14. Almost totally clear blue sky here ATM. Just a few cumulus clouds mostly on the horizon.
  15. Printing new thermal jacket. Meanwhile, I've placed Nofan on the table, TEC on top and camera plus jacket etc. on top. This would be ideal as the airflow will be limited by the table and the small exposed parts of the camera casing are not covered. Anyway, I'll just see what happens. Starting temperature 27.5°C.
  16. Not sure what I shall be doing ATM.
  17. Looks promising for tonight...
  18. The first try on a square didn't work because one screw would have gone through the USB plug. Of the other two, one was a bit wider than the other and next best to a square so I've modelled that. One screw would currently go through the USB cable but I can move that. A new design would be needed anyway to allow for the fixing screws.
  19. The Nofan comes with a number of mounting plates that provide 3 different arrangements of attachment points to the motherboard (this is a CPU cooler). In my case it is a matter of seeing which arrangement best suits the ASC.
  20. Yes, a good job indeed. I wondered though why you used channel rather than the usual FH Brundell rails that most of the rest of us use. There will be friction and wear when the wheels rub on the sides of the channel. The other reason I rejected the idea of channel was that debris can collect in it and impede the running. I tried all sorts of wheels and rails etc. as my observatory developed, eventually going for FH Brundell 120mm wheels and semicircular section rails. Others have used V section, don't know if there's much difference.
  21. The Nofan has arrived and I can now make progress on my ASC or at least try it and see if it does what I want.
  22. Amazing - you learn something new every day!
  23. I've got one of those, used it with an earlier version of my ASC with a 3" dome where it worked fine. May try it again with the 4" dome - it has many advantages over separate resistors.
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