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  1. Image sensors generate noise which shows as speckles on the image. This noise is proportional to temperature in degrees K (absolute) so cooling the sensor results in lower noise and therefore higher sensitivity by using longer exposures. A long exposure at a higher temperature will just collect noise and the few photons received will be swamped. For imaging, particularly at high magnifications, you need a very stable mount if you want to use long exposures. For bright objects like the moon or planets, you can use a series of short exposures stacked in software to simulate longer exposures. The stacking software can accommodate a certain amount of movement between frames - just as long as the movement during the exposure is less than the resolution. Hope that's understandable To sum up - if you want to image faint objects (deep space) you need long exposures hence a cooled camera (to reduce noise) and a very stable (and expensive) mount. Most imagers will say the mount is the most important item of equipment.
  2. When I took my NEQ6 mount outside to erect, I pulled the mount itself outside in its box - sliding across the floor, down the steps and outside and across the grass. I unpacked the tripod and weights outside. I carried tripod to site on its own and then each weight separately. I found I could just about lift the mount to put it on the tripod! I don't think I could lift mount and tripod and certainly not with any weights on. Alright for you big strapping lads!
  3. The steel plates for the mount have arrived so one step nearer OTOH the very chilly easterly wind has got up more and black clouds are gathering with spits of rain in the air so concreting is postponed for now.
  4. I found the cause of the problem, the screw that holds the mount onto the tripod had tightened up - took two hands on it to loosen it. It's fine now and the mount is free to turn. The screw wants tightening after doing the polar alignment and just leaving loose enough to enable the mount to turn.
  5. Found my mount to tripod securing screw had tightened up - needed two hands on it to unscrew it! Having done that the mount turned quite freely So that's answered that - don't tighten it up until polar alignment is finished.
  6. I agree with what's been said. If you've got a scope don't think about upgrading it for some time. Get used to it, get experience, see where you feelings take you. You might take a change of direction or you might find some particular aspect lacking - give it time, see how you go and don't be in a rush to upgrade.
  7. I'm looking forward to that - be a little while yet.
  8. I've got the 3 in 1 version - half price in one of their sales
  9. Got a couple of large plastic plant pots which I've cut the bottoms out of. These will fit below my 7" ID cardboard tube to widen the pier base out to about a foot diameter. That should increase the strength at the point of greatest leverage. Hoping to start pouring concrete tomorrow. Bought some more ingredients today - realised (was told) I didn't have enough.
  10. Know what you mean! My mount seems to have welded itself to the tripod and won't budge in azimuth to polar align. I'll look at it tomorrow in daylight!
  11. Clear here NE of Honiton too but my mount seems to have jammed. Pretty cold too so I've given up for tonight and will look at mt mount tomorrow.
  12. After what seems like a week of cloudy skies tonight was clear so I had another go at polar aligning. Altitude was correct but I just couldn't get the azimuth to adjust. I think the mount has tightened up on the tripod so tomorrow I'm going to take it apart again (if I can). Meanwhile, I have more stuff for my concrete pier and I'm hoping we can start pouring concrete tomorrow.
  13. As I posted in another thread, I decided to invest in an NEQ6 Pro SynScan to carry what I envisage using in future. This has been as a result of posts by the expert imagers on here and Steve Richards' book "Making Every Photon Count". I think imaging is difficult enough without being hampered by an inadequate mount.
  14. Yes, I've taken that on board - that's why I invested in an EQ6 Pro SynScan. Special imaging scope will wait - I'll practice with my small Newt in the meantime Plus an assortment of webcams and DSLR.
  15. It's certainly inconspicuous Nice garden
  16. I think Saturn will twinkle if the seeing is poor.
  17. Same here. Good luck - hope Mum and baby do well and everything goes fine
  18. Yes, Virtual Box does support XP - I've used it. Very resource heavy though and XP is very sluggish even on my AMD64 X2 machine. USB works but I had trouble with FTP. Decided to use a separate box for XP.
  19. I think I'm beginning to understand this - just need a clear night to put it into practice! Or at least have another try.
  20. Hmmm... All those are better than anything I've captured as yet but I hope to do better when I have my new EQ6 mount set up properly and the weather permits. The old mount was so wobbly I couldn't even touch the focus without the image jumping all over the place. When I get something that shows rings instead of two fuzzy streaks each side of a blob I'll post it/them.
  21. A zoom is never as good as a prime lens - too much glass - but they are certainly handy. I considered getting a zoom EP myself but put the money to a good mount instead. A set of par-focal fixed EPs would be better. I bought a couple of Celestron Omni Plossl EPs hoping they'd be par-focal - they aren't! I guess you need to buy a set specifically par-focal. Switching EPs is not too much bother if they focus the same - it's having to refocus that takes the time.
  22. You can't run USB controlled stuff under Wine - AFAIK they still haven't sorted out USB support. There are other things I'd like to run under Wine but the USB doesn't work.
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