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  1. My current imaging rig is a 135mm lens and ASi1600 camera but my lens is the vintage Asahi Super Takumar f2.5 as used with film SLRs, a superb lens that works fine even at full aperture.

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  2. Increased temperature, increased extrusion for infill and reduced speed.  OK so far.  Total time looks like being about 6 hours so it will be running overnight unless it goes wrong before I go to bed.  If it fails during the night sobeit.  Using 2.85mm PLA of which I have plenty.

  3. Print has gone wrong :eek:  A couple of layers past the solid infill the layer adhesion failed and the honeycomb became straight lines.  I'll try again with higher extrusion temperature and rate and see if that fixes it or I might have to go over to PETG with it's better inter layer adhesion.

  4. Printing the thermal jacket in PLA using honeycomb infill with a solid layer every 10 layers to form closed air cells for thermal insulation.  When this is finished I can rune the cooling test with this camera jacket and see how much better it is than the earlier version.  This may not be as efficient as polystyrene foam but much easier to implement.


  5. Designed a printed thermal jacket for the camera with space for the USB plug and cable.  This is either part of the casing or the outer casing could be separate, probably the former.  I have not modelled the USB cable & plug but made space for it from measurements.



  6. The moon is too bright for this camera and lens combination.  It's saturating with minimum exposure (32µs) and zero gain unbinned.  Cant really check focus without either stars or a planet.  I can see Jupiter but it's too far west to image from indoors.



  7. I think the 170 degrees applies to the diagonal.  The minimum dimension is the height and even the width is less than the diagonal.  With a circular image it's the smallest dimension that matters.  Of course, you may not want all the image due to buildings and trees.

  8. You don't need to click on any special link.  When go go to a forum you can immediately see which threads have new posts and if you click on the thread you are taken directly to the first unread post.  Whether this is default or whether you choose it in the options I don't remember but that's how I do it.  The icon next to the thread title changes to show whether there are new posts and also if you have already posted in the thread.  If there is one or more new post(s) this goes white (or light grey).  Click on the icon to be taken to the first unread post.

    Here's a screenshot.


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