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  1. The same scope is £260 here Explorer 150PL EQ3-2 Parabolic Reflector Telescope brand NEW Not 2 yrs old
  2. UKS 1751-241 is on my bucket list. Must be one of the hardest objects to see!!!
  3. Stellarium is fantastic for giving you an idea of what objects will look like through various EPs
  4. ...perfect with a glass of milk (y) way
  5. Sgt.Pepper


    Hi and welcome to SGL
  6. Hi and welcome to SGL
  7. Hi, a warm welcome to SGL!
  8. Sgt.Pepper

    Greetings Forum

    Hi, a warm welcome to SGL!
  9. Hi, a warm welcome to SGL!
  10. Sgt.Pepper


    Hi, a warm welcome to SGL!
  11. John, Thanks for your advice. I have a problem with dew and light I will make one this weekend, and see how it goes. Cheers!
  12. Hi, Can anyone tell me what length I need to make a dewshield for a 10" Dobsonian please? Is there a correct length per size of scope for dew shields?
  13. Hi, Can anyone tell me if this: Orion 10 Inch Flexible Dew Shield | Telescope Accessories | Rother Valley Optics ..will fit my Flex Tube 10" Dobsonian, and is it suitable? Also, I have thought about making one from a camping mat or just buying a piece of neoprene or kydex, but I would prefer to just buy one (plus, they are designed and manafactured to do the job) I've spent a fair bit of money on a scope & accessories, so why not buy a dew shield...if you can buy a horse, surely you can buy a whip!? Cheers
  14. Yes, that's it! Journey to the edge of the Universe. Using cutting edge visual effects and CGI, it was a scientific visual extravaganza and first accurate non-stop journey from here to the edge of the universe!
  15. Thanks for the Head Up! There was an excellent programme on More 4 last night called Universe. It should be repeated!
  16. Of course there are some people who are addicted to photons, rather like heroin addicts their symptoms can manifest themselves in terrible ways. Here's a picture of a photon addict:
  17. Yes, the idea was to relieve the problem of awkward focuser positions, especially in zenith and to give a correct "right way" view. I do not anticipate moving the spider, although on further consideration it would be plausible..
  18. Hello Can anyone tell me if it's a good idea to get a Star Diagonal for a Newtonial Reflector? (SW250PX) Has anybody used them and do they help?
  19. Can anyone tell if the chrome collar on eyepieces should fit all the way down into the focuser, or can it be placed anywhere that achieves the best focus through the EP?
  20. why is it necessary to get nylon and alloy? Is it for the mount? Sorry I'm not au fait with this..
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