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  1. I'll admit I'm reluctant to get into drilling holes if I can avoid it, so it's a question of ease of fitting against performance. That Baader looks mighty fine though. How's the Oakwood sky on a good night? John
  2. Thanks John that looks very nice, would my skywatcher 200 ota require a mod to fit it? By the way where in Derby are you? I'm in Belper. John
  3. Thanks Daz Does that buttery smoothness make it easier than the R+P to get images into focus John
  4. Can anybody offer advice as to which crayford would be most suitable for my Skywatcher 200, I'm tempted by the moonlite CR 1 or 2, (is the dual speed really necessary or am I just suffering from Rack & pinion fatigue). Alternatively if the single speed moonlite is more than adequate, how about the skywatcher replacement? John
  5. I'm planning to upgrade my explorer 200 R+P focuser to a moonlite crayford dual speed jobby but I've found that skywatcher do one as well. so, would a skywatcher focuser drop straight in (I don't fancy modding the tube), or would the extra £70 be worth it for the moonlite? Don't you just hate it when you think you've made your mind up and then you find you haven't John
  6. Looking great Dave, keep it coming John
  7. DaveT his looks great, I am planning my first obsy build later this year (after I move a tree from the ideal site) and I'm currently shifting between r.o.r and dome/turret, I'm finding this quite an inspiring conversion. John
  8. Great design, Planning to build myself an observatory later this year and have been scouring this site and others for ideas, definately be keeping an eye on this one. Do the turrets revolve?, if so, on what and how would you keep the rain out? John
  9. Hi philsail1 Thanks for the photo's, make's it all clear. Presumably there is a hole in the side of the card tube to accomodate the focuser tube, also does the cr2 fixings sit under the card? John
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys Think I'll be ordering the flocking paper from scope stuff. I'm planning a focuser upgrade so that seems to be a good enough time to strip the tube and flock it. I do like the idea of sticking the paper to a card tube and fitting that. John
  11. Excellent!, the very thing, Thanks John
  12. How do these work? I have a polar scope on my eq5, the etched Ursa major and Cassiopeia are are very difficult to see at night as is the finderscope cross hair. If I shine my red torch across the hole the polar scope looks through, things become visable again without wiping Polaris out, so maybe some kind of led device clipped on where the polar axis cover fits? Alternatively, can the reticule be illuminated?, drill a hole, fit a led kind if a thing? John
  13. I'll be keen to hear how you get on Andrew I must admit to being a little scepital about felt only because of its absorbancy, can anybody whose used it comment, condensation on mirriors is one thing but I wouldn't fancy having to dry out the OTA after a damp night. What does flocking paper look and feel like and is it absorbant? John
  14. I've been reading the various posts concerning OTA flocking and being a obsessive tinkerer I feel compelled to have a go with my explorer 200, two questions spring to mind The self adhesive felt material looks as if it could be a beast to apply in such a confined space, is it applied in one piece or would cutting into smaller "tiles" be more practical? Isn't felt a bit absorbant, after a dewy night out wouldn't it get damp/wet? John
  15. Hi all My name is John and I've been a born again star gazer for about a year. First got into astronomy as a kid fired up on a diet of Gerry Anderson TV. First scope was a Prinz 330 50mm refractor (anyone remember those), the moon, Jupiter and saturn were my fave objects but life eventually presented other priorities and while I was still very interested in all things space it wasn't until Feb 2007 that I bought a proper scope, a skywatcher 200 eq5, which now has motor drives and is soon to get a moonlite CR2. I also told myself I wasn't into astro imaging but it seems I was wrong, as the recent purchase of a SPC900NC webcam would suggest otherwise. Anyway I 've lurking around the forum for a while and thought it high time I introduced myself. John
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