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  1. Bump for the old thread again Ive been getting the same glow on some of my 10 minute subs. Did you manage to resolve the problem Shibby? Im controlling the camera using backyard eos. I have mirror lock up on and im using a 5 sec pause. Regards Rich
  2. Finaly had a chance to get the imaging rig out last night. I was up early in the morning, so didnt have much time. My aim was to test the guiding and remote control. Both worked realy well, but the dew was a nightmare. I was in and out of the house with a hairdryer! Focusing was proving difficult, took me a while. I blame lack of practice . Ended up with 6 decent subs by the end of the night. had to crop out the coma, but my new corrector which arrived today should fix that for next time (Thanks FLO). 2x 400 secs 4x 500 secs @ ISO 800. Only had time for 3 darks. DSS and CS4 Thanks anitmorris for the tutorials. I process on a laptop, so unsure how it looks. Any pointers greatly appreciated. Rich
  3. Rich N


  4. Rich N


    From the album: First Effort's

  5. Just pointed the camera up to see what would happend. When this came out of prcoessing, i was shocked!
  6. Hello, 2 pane panorama using a DMC-FP3 last night. Observed from Anthorn, on the solway coast. Display started about 00:00 and i captured this at 00:40.
  7. Rich N

    NLC 2.7.11

    From the album: First Effort's

  8. Rich N

    NLC 2.7.11 00.40

    From the album: First Effort's

  9. Realy great set of images. Thanx for sharing them Rich
  10. Im with you on this one Ben. Cannot wait for it to get darker. I Just hope, after nearly 2 months of cloud, it might start to clear up too Rich
  11. Thanx for the comments. I used 90% frame quality, around 600 frames from a 4 min Avi @ 15 fps. Is it possible to add Too many frames to the image? For instance if I use 95% frame quality and got 250 frames would that be better?
  12. Hello and welcome from me.
  13. I used a 250pds and a 5x Powermate for this image. The powermate is a fantastic piece of kit, my other barlows cudn't produce anything close to that.
  14. This is my first go with a SPC900. Seeing was poor and it was still twilight, but i thought id have a go before Saturn dissapears. Any comments on improving processing very welcome as im a total novice.
  15. Rich N

    M27 DumbBell Nebular

    Great pic ray.. i realy like the different star colours you get. what kind of exposure length are you using?
  16. Rich N

    Lightning 3

    From the album: Misc

  17. Rich N

    Lightning 5

    From the album: Misc

  18. Rich N

    lightning 6

    From the album: Misc

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