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  1. One thing I don't know, is ... What is a SUB, A DARK, A LIGHT and so on. I'm beginning to wonder if i should have bought the DSI2 instead of an SLR. I just thought the SLR would be handy for other stuff too. I've seen some good images on here from unmodded dlrs.
  2. After realizing my pole alignment was out of whack and getting a decent level I did manage to fire off a few ring nebula shots. Attached one. Looks a bit better to my untrained eye.
  3. Yeah my polar alignment is a mess certainly. My problem is getting level ground. I'm working on a gravel yard and it's terrible. I'm going to build a concrete base and make sure it's dead level, this should help no end. Dragging it across undulating gravel is likely to be the culprit. It was alighned perfectly with the pole star but the levels may have been out, I found out later that the bubble in the level that came with the scope had actual come off, so i was working on faulty readings. Now i've ditched that and got a decent level from th shed it should help, might try again tonight, but these late nights are good for me !
  4. I was tracking the comet with the Ephemeris data from Meades website. Not sure which system that is.
  5. Hi, While I was setup last night I took a few extra shots just in case elenin eluded me. I got M101 (faint) and The Ring Nebula. Last week (when the cloud went for one day) I got a shot of Hercules. But all suffer from the same problems. I'll try that book but all the books i've bought so far assumed too much knowledge and are probably never going to get opened again.
  6. Hi, I thought the trails were that because I was tracking a comet? Maybe i'm over estimating the movement in time? No light pollution here at all. It pretty dark @ 11:30PM And the comet was South East ish so the sky wasn't as dark as winter but it was pretty dark to the eye. Guiding is something i need to read up on and see if i have any options. I will try DSS now, so that's save me some time , thanks. I'll try ISO 800 also. I know it's a CMOS camera but it seems to be very speckled on even 15 second exposures, i didn't expect that really. Maybe 5 minutes...
  7. Hi, I've got a Canon 400D unmodded. Also i'm using a Meade LXD75 mount with an 8" SN scope. I've seen others take some good pics with this setup so i'm hoping it's not the gear. All my pictures of deep sky objects (the only thing i'm interested in) come out really grainy. I've tried various ISOs but not higher than 400 just yet (bad weather limited me.) I've enclosed one image. I was trying to photograph comet elenin last night and this is what i got. I took about 8 shots of varying length from 5 sec to 2 mins. I've tried to follow a basic tutorial on registax and also tried DSS. Both with little success. Maybe the original images are useless? I don't know much about the ins and outs of astro photo (clearly.) There are no clubs here to join and no one to ask. Does anyone have any ideas? Or perhaps a link to a BASIC tutorial on astro photo? Thanks. Mark
  8. Thats excellent, i was trying to get it tonight, but I've no idea what i'm doing just yet. All my pics were too light
  9. Well I just ordered a Canon 400D. I was tempted with the Nikon as they're CCD which i thouht might run cooler but I read a few reviews and it seems canon comes out on top. I got the 400D because I read that this model and newer ones have less amp glow in the corners. Anything above this i just can't afford. If I can get images half as good as the ones i've seen i'll be - A. Amazed and B. Happy.
  10. Thanks all. David_o - Thanks i'll add that to my book list, i've heard of it before. Will order that shortly. Mount - I've the LXD 75 Meade mount which I think is ok. I've seen images from others with this mount and they seem to cope. I think DSLR sounds like the way forward for me. I've read a few forums etc saying the 400D and newer models are far better for less noise and hot spots. So I think I'll see if i can get a 400D while i'm at it. Looking at the IR mod i'll have a go with it first and see what i think. If it favours blue too much i'll mod it myself, that should be fun..!
  11. Thanks both, I've had the 300D and 350D and used them a lot in photography. They're CMOS sensors though. How do they fair on long exposures? It would be nice to get another 350D as I already have the T-mount for it in a draw. PS do they need to be modded and if so can i do it myself?
  12. Hi all, I'm looking to get into imaging and I don't have a fortune to spend. I see imagers like the DSI 2 for about £250 new on ebay. But they're pretty low resolution. I'm wondering if a DSLR and a t-mount might be better? I suspect the DSI has less interference on long exposures though. Assuming that's what you're paying for. but they seem rare second hand and I read lots of bad things about them conking out after little use. Would a DSLR on prime focus be suitable? Any low end camera recommendations welcome. I've always bought canon's but they were all CMOS. Any advice? Lets say a budget of £300 ish, new or used i don't care. Thanks, Mark.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the spec. I tried using autostar but even the latest version is pretty terrible to use. Seems they expect you to memorise every button. It doesn't seem to scoll around the sky either. I can only get it to do NSEW, maybe that's normal. But I think i'll look for an alternative software if there is any. Stellarium is far better for looking around and telescope control But for imaging, who knows. I've seen a cheap-ish DSI Colour for sale. I'm not sure what to go for really. Looking at the examples from the DSI on meads site i'd be happy if my pics look like that, but they are small. I'll look for a DSI 2 in the US. They want too much money for them here. Even with duty it's still going to be far far less.
  14. Well I'm up and running on my LXD75 SN8". Got the hang of it all fairly easily and also have it linked to the pc. Had to make my own cable though as they wanted far too much for them. So now i'm thinking of an imager. I've seen a Meade DSI for sale used for 120. But I'm not sure of the spec difference between that and the newer DSI II Colour. Currently the only one on meads site. Obviously i'd like the biggest ccd for the least money I'm not even sure if i need colour if i'm stacking images. Any advice would be great. Mark.
  15. SiW, Yeah I had heard they were plasticy, shame to let it down with that. I didn't know the LPI was cmos. See why it's only good for planetary stuff now. I thought it was just low quality rather than cmos. No doubt it will run hot on long exposures and create a load of hot spots and/or white/dead pixels. CMOS are so rubbish. I had an EOS 350D a while back and they're only CMOS. Will probably buy the Meade DSI rather than a camera as I never used the last one I had for much else. I've got a few cmos web cams kicking about that have for project written all over them. It also came with a pro version of starry night (v5 i think) Thinking it was a good deal, still waiting courier, so we'll see. No other way to buy in Ireland, nothing available and when it is it's double UK prices (which in turn are double the US.) I tried to buy from the US but the shipping was crazy.
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