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  1. I had a skywatcher 130m but due to setup (and two small children) wasn't able to maximise. I have since purchased a Meade ETX125 primarily for ease of tracking, goto (although I am getting to know my own piece of sky fairly well), and general compact nature. I know I will need something for the future, and have noticed mounts underneath the tube that I am guessing are for mounting on another scope. So the Etx becomes a sighter, if I guess correct. If that is the case, what can it be mounted to? Probably a multitude of things on that basis, but any clues? Small and medium spends considered. I thought one of the larger LXs could be appropriate, but will it work with other manufacturers primaries, etc?
  2. Ah Peter. Were either of them the special Saturn model?
  3. Thanks twotter, and definitely makes sense Olly, I'm not adverse to a tripod as already have one for my 450D, but want to be able to do a 'quick and dirty' sky watch when I can without a scope in tow! If I get another set of bins, I can take them anywhere, and still take advantage of a clear night. Heading to France in June, so would rather not take the scope with 2 kids, associated kit, and my scope kit in tow!
  4. Specifically the Spezial Saturn 20x60 model, seem fairly light, and would compliment my Nikon 10x50s with a little more light collection and double the magnification. Could do with a general indication as to whether they're much cop. Either that, or perhaps some alternatives that could be handheld as I'd like to be able to take them wherever and whenever. Thanks all!
  5. Would love to see the vid Tibbs, got one, and I'm trying to work out what to do with it! Try it as it is, or rip it apart and do a conversion with the Sensor and electronics
  6. I'm in Bournemouth, but got a haze and the Saturn with rings! First time I've seen it, but a good view. Dew forming quickly though, so have given up for the night!
  7. Thanks for posting Jack, and cheers for replying Ed!
  8. A pleasure, thought they'd be appreciated
  9. Thanks, have just found the appropriate place but not sure that I should have even tried posting there Hopefully a mod will be on hand to assist
  10. Not sure this is the right place, but thought this was of interest! MESSENGER: MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging
  11. Not sure whether I am missing something, but is there an area where users post interesting articles or images from third party sources?
  12. Certainly seems like a great place to be (so far)
  13. Gosh Wasn't expecting a couple to pop up from this neck of the woods so quickly! Nice to meet you!
  14. I'm just opposite Queens Park, so get less than most, but the next door neighbour but one likes floodlighting his garden from time to time! (Not to self, must have a word for them to have it switched off on clear nights) It's a possibility that we'll lose the cloud cover between about 8 and 10, here's hoping!
  15. Tend to see a fair bit flying over my house as it's directly south from the airport, but the days at the beach were rubbish! Shame, but this year should be better *touches wood*
  16. Lovely part of the world it is fair to say, let's hope it's not the washout it was last year though, hired a beach hut from the friday, and saw precisely nothing, the Typhoon was awesome in 2009 though!
  17. Haha! Suppose that was a little too obvious a comment to make!
  18. Newbie here! My wife bought me my first telescope at christmas (a Skywatcher Explorer 130m) which I loved albeit briefly. She said she wouldn't mind if I got into it and got an upgrade, so I am now the proud owner of a Meade ETX125PE which is a different kettle of fish altogether. Light pollution is a bit of an issue here in Bournemouth, as have weather conditions been of late. Looked to the forum a couple of times whilst researching various items, and thought it was about time that I dove in! Anyway, hi to all, and I hope I may have something to add at some point!
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