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  1. Cloud is taking the cake now, we need to start researching ways to get rid of this cloud!..........................................................Sorry just daydreaming about us controlling the weather, that would be awesome! clear skies every night!

  2. Locks on new cars aren't as safe as they would have you think, a few months back i came up with the idea for some code for the Nokia N900 which would take advantage of the IR device built into the phone to suck up IR signals from the car (the lil black bit normally under the door handle for remote locking) and fire it right back at the car, hey presto! car unlocked I e-mailed several car companies informing them of this but nothing ever seemed to get done, i even recieved an e-mail in return from one company telling me to stop hacking! (even though i'm white hat and do it for security reasons!)

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