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  1. The latest release of BackyardEOS (July 24th 2011) supports serial cables for Bulb shutter control on your 400D. Check it out; it's a great tool. -bob
  2. I have tried both. For me the decision was an easy one… BackyardEOS all the way; hands down! *** my initial reaction *** When I tried APT about 3 months ago the installation when smoothly. I was able to connect to the camera just fine… but from that point on I was disappointed. The application crashed 3 times within the first hour of using it. I also found it difficult to use out-of-the-box, constantly searching where the options where. I felt like I had to go hunting them down, it did not feel natural. I think however that spending more time with it I would have learned to know where the options were and then my experience would have been more and more positive. But the fact that it had crashed 3 times was a real bummer. From what I have read on SGL though the users that are using it seemed satisfied; I’m just not one of them. As for BackyardEOS… WOW! I was so impress with the trial that I bought the full package only 20 minutes into my 30 day trial. The application automatically recognized my camera and the main features are well displayed in a natural fashion. I felt the application was personalized just for me, though I know it was not. BackyardEOS has never failed me, it never crashed once even after about 3 months of extensive/regular use. *** conclusion *** Both application will do 80% of the same functions… they are both meant for image acquisition using Canon DSLR so they have to offer similar functions. Guylain (the creator of BackyardEOS) is extremely responsive to all questions… to the point where I don’t think he sleeps at night. Ivo (the creator of APT) is responsive too based of what I have read; too bad his thread on SGL was deemed inappropriate and had to be removed… bummers. They both stand by their product and we (the astro community) can only benefit from their personal dedication. I have to admire the GRAND effort they individually put into their product for a price that should have us buy both just to support their contribution. Guylain and Ivo… total respect from me. -bob
  3. BackyardEOS has native integration with PHD for dithering and so much more. bob
  4. You can download the latest copy of BackyardEOS here... Download - BackyardEOS bob
  5. Me too, BackyardEOS (some call it BYE) has full integration with PHD for automated dithering (something EOS Utility will never be able to do) and the simple/intuative user interface really makes for a pleasant night out. For $24 usd I had nothing to lose compared to the the total cost of the equipement we buy - and the developer behind it is very responsive to user requests. There is nothing wrong using EOS Utility, but tailor made apps like BackyardEOS makes some of my tasks easier ~ it's a personal preference I guess. I like to support individuals that go above and beyond to provide tools that makes my(our) lives easier for not much more than price of a few beers bob
  6. Oh my.... here's what I like... your background is very smooth... the galaxies are well processed and the cores are not over saturated... and most of all you have maintained the star colors. A+++++ bob
  7. Beautiful rendition of Saturn. My previous attempts at planetary imaging so far have not been fruitful like yours. Awesome catch. bob
  8. I have BackyardEOS and I loooove it ~ it's hard to do without once you're tried it. I've been using Neb as well for about 18 months and I prefer BackyardEOS for image capturing. I have not experience with APT. bob
  9. What a beauty, I wish my 5" APO would resolve this nice... I'll show him this picture so he knows what it should look like the next time I go out. bob
  10. There is also BackyardEOS, it will do image capturing and more. It's pretty simple to use and appears to be getting lots of love from users, including myself. bob
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