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  1. Fair enough, I'll not post anymore and if the mods could remove this thread
  2. , So Number 9, if its says 22:00 Hrs on the handset on the Synscan, rotate the RA to 22:00 and lock the RA ?? So I turn the RA and not the dial ?? This is very NEARLY sinking in finally.!!!!!! PS, How many posts do you have to do before it will let you put pics on here ?????? PPS, is it MM/DD/YY not DD/MM/YY when I set up the Synscan Chris..
  3. Ps, How do you post pics on here, there's a set of scales on the front of the mount and I don't know what they are, they are numbered .2 . 1 . 0. 1. 2. then another scale that counts from 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 then counts down 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 its in the front of the mount just below the exit cap you remove to look at Polaris ?? Ps, EQ5 mount , I'd post a pic unless someone know's what the scales are Chris:( PPS, I've just seen an allen key head and also a small flat screw head in the Polar finder, Do I need to slacken or tighten these up, or leave alone, No, it wont let me put pics on, I've done 65 posts lol
  4. Thats it, its going in the bin lol, I was sort of understanding it, then he said something about calibrating the rectule or something, then the next thing the Synscan was at 12:00, I'm sure it was at 23.36 on the vid
  5. You guys and girls are fantastic, I'll try and give it a go this weekend before I throw it in the wheelie bin !!!! Just one more stupid question, when I'm setting up the Goto, I put date, time, Co ords etc , then when the Polaris digits come up it displays some time and date, Question 1. Is the time on the hand set the transit time for Polaris bcause it recognises it beacuse I've put the time and date in, or is the hand set just coming up with a higgledy piggledy set of digits that I've got to change manualy for the time I want to Star gaze, So If i want to gaze at 22.00 I have to change the Goto to 22.00 (when the polaris bit comes up on the handset)
  6. God I hate this, and getting more and more frustrated, ie, 1. Do I still need to set the RA index scale even though I've got a Synscan, 2. With the scope and mount pointing north, do i set the scale with it parked in the home position, or slewed thru 90 degress. 3. Do I set the scale at the time I'm gazing, or can I set it up at say 21.00 hrs (while I can see what I'm doing), but set the scale to 22.00 hrs when I'll be gazing 4.My "print offs" say set Polaris at the bottom of the view, does this mean the actual polaris, or the the Polaris inprinted (asterisms) I can see through the polar finder. 5. When I think its all set up, do I leave the scope pointing North and let the scope turn itself through 180 degrees with the Synscan (my viewing is south facing) or do I turn the scope myself 180 degrees and start looking for things 6. Anyone want to buy an unused Telescope lol
  7. Right I'm back from my holibobs, I've read thru all your answers and I've got a headache now and want to throw my new scope and mount in the bin that I haven't even stargazed thru yet...So for one last time could someone culminate all your answers and I'll try not to be a pain ever again lol, ie 1. Point tripod north 2. Remove polar scope caps 3. Turn scope thru 90 degress 4. Find North Star 5. Etc 6. Etc 7. Etc 8. Etc 9. Etc 10.Etc I really am fed up wit it :-(
  8. Sorry Malc, I meant "the Sickle" I may have spelt it wrong, but this is what I was told it was called by my wifes uncle who was down for the weekend and told me (so he thought) where Polaris was, but they do both look alike to me lol.
  9. Thats a lovely offer, I wish I was still down there too, (used to live in Chippenham) ))
  10. I think I may have been miles out !!! I was advised "that is Polaris" no names mentioned, but looking at the constellations (in the variuos books I know have) , I didn't realise Polaris was the last star in the Plough..I was also confused by the Plough and sickle which where in the same night sky at the same time, Gonna have a few days off, get my head together, and try and sort it, Still confused as to adjust the Dec setting circle to local time ( that I want to star gaze) , or the time that comes up (on the display) when I boot the SynScan up..
  11. Sorry Malc, I did say I was a newbie ((, its hard work at the min fella
  12. Cheers Malc, Do I need to adjust the RA setting circle though to local time, or just rotate the mount till it reaches the time set by the Synscan...god this is embarassing, I feel so stupid ((
  13. Hi Peter, sorry for being thick, When I have locked the RA clutch and adjusted the azimuth and latitude bolts (after lining up the asterisms), you say return the mount to its normal position, will this "A" not move the constellations out of the asterism, and "B" do you mean park it north and leave it north, then when I want to search planets, constellations the scope should spin around about 180 degrees to look for things, (most of the things here in lincs are in the south lol) ps, does Polaris have to be in the tiny circle, or will the big one do ??? Chris
  14. You lot are brilliant thank you, I'll give it a go...But anymore tips would be great, as I say I'm a frustrated newbie so pls feel free to talk to me like a 3 year old. Which is the R.A clutch ??? (the black lever) ??? Ps, Do I have to adjust the R.A setting circle at the back of the mount to local time/date even though I'm using a SynScan ??
  15. God, where to start :-( I used my Synscan GOTO for the 1st time last night (Saturday 14th) and all seemed to be going well, I had the scope with the tripod leg pointing north as indicated by the "N" on the leg, I turned the scope through 90 degrees removed the plastic cap from the front of the mount and ligned up Polaris (through the polaris axis view point ) with a few twists and turns of the front and rear Latitude adjusters and also the Azimuth adjusters. I thought I was really clever getting Polaris in the tiny circle and tightned everything up. As far as I can remember I returned the scope to its position facing south (down the rear garden) While leaving the Tripod North..weights down and set at 52 ish degrees (in Parked position)...Here's the fun bit. Turned on the Synscan and set the following as per instructions. date (in MM/DD/YY, time (24hour), co-ords, daylight saving "YES", then went to 3 star align and alignment..My 1st star was "Arcturus" which it was very close to and a little left/right adjustment on the hand control centered it and clicked "enter", then the second star was "vega", this was a way out but after 2-3 mins of left/right up/down found it and centered it and clicked "enter", the 3rd Star I couldn't find "Pollux" because I didn't know what i was looking for (Newbie) so the alignment failed. I was really hacked off, so I thought I'll just look at the moon then, atleast I know where the moon is, but when I sent the Synscan to locate it the whole telescope near enough turned upside down and near parallel to the ground with the eyepieces facing the ground !!!, and thought this can't be right ?? By this time I'd really had enough so I parked the scope and switched it off. The scope/mount and SynScan very nearly ended up in the wheelie bin (and its all less than one week old) to say I'm disheartened is an understatment..I'm a newbie, with no idea what to do know..One strange thing though, when I lined up Polaris, the diagram in the back of the eyepiece (through the axis view point) the Plough/big dipper was on the right hand side of the lens (3 o'clock position), and "Cassiopeia" was on the left, but when I took my eye away from the eyepiece and pysically looked at the Plough, The plough was direct over head but to my left (west)..I haven't touched the R.A setting circle or DEC setting circle, I didn't know whether you had to if you're using a Synscan.So from one upset hacked off newbie, Can anyone pls help or my set up is going on Ebay lol
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