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  1. Like this one, do you mean? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Draper-45801-76-Reflected-Telescope/dp/B001AS405M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1400070280&sr=8-1&keywords=draper+telescope !!
  2. I had the GTF81 with the rack and pinion focuser (it was DDG too) and it was pretty good. William Optics actually replaced my focuser with a new one, as they'd improved their manufacturing tolerances and it was even better. If the new GT81 has the same focuser, it's very good.
  3. To be honest, I wasn't really that serious about it - but I am tempted to order up and try the smaller 130PDS. Still might be a bit of a challenge unguided, but I could drift align.
  4. Slightly off topic, where did you find a 130PDS for ~£150? It's more like £170+ wherever I've looked.
  5. That could be very interesting for camera + lens pics. I'd love to know it's capacity, but I'm guessing it'll be stealing sales of the Vixen Polarie and the iOptron Sky Tracker at that price.
  6. Just for kicks, I thought I'd try this: That's a 150PDS on there! The AT drives it without breaking a sweat, it could do with a smidge more counterweight, especially once I hang a DSLR on there, but a 130PDS just might be perfect.... Am I mad?!
  7. Thanks chaps - i've been interested in this for a while, I'd like to replace my GTF-81 with one to go on my Astrotrac Travel System. The GTF-81 is just a bit too big for it really, I think this would be spot on.
  8. Anyone know? They appeared to have suffered from pinched optics when cold, but reports of this were some time ago and have generally been getting decent reviews. Ta
  9. They're mine - for sale here too now. They're really VERY good (especially that 28mm beastie), but I'm trying to raise some funds for a CCD whilst not currently employed(!). If they sell, I'll be replacing them again in the future.
  10. I've been saying for ages if SW put the 130PDS OTA on a Heritage 130P base, I'd have their arm off.
  11. I bought a small (50cm) padded tripod case from Ebay from a Chinese seller, it's a bit big for the Astrotrac unit, but it was only a tenner.
  12. I've got the GTF81 with the DDG R+P focuser - it was good but suffered from some image shift. WO replaced it FOC with a new improved version (tighter manufacturing tolerances I understand), still DDG (which doesn't really do anything worthwhile oher than get a rough starting point for good focus), but it's a lovely bit of kit now so I'm sure this one is just as good.
  13. That's got to be a typo - the 'was' prices are cheaper on the 10" than the 8" CF.
  14. I'm no expert on the problem, but it'll be well worth researching EU law on warranty periods.
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