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  1. Just found this. Thank you for posting the link, it is amazing. liz
  2. Hi, it is not a stupid question at all. As I understand it, the aging process as you describe would only slow down relative to the fixed point in the gravitational field. The speeding human would not notice any slowing down of the clock or their own ageing process. Of course I may be completely wrong, in which case someone else will be along shortly to give a better answer. Liz
  3. Hi Isabelle, I love the picture of you all at the end of your post. A really nice record of a special evening. Thank you for sharing it with us. Liz
  4. Thanks for posting that, I think I should be out there looking at it myself. Liz
  5. Hi Luna, I am pleased to hear that you have had such a good time looking through your new telescope. Jupiter is a lovely object to view. I never get tired of looking at it and at higher magnifications you will get to see even more detail. Have fun, and I hope the skies stay clear for you. Liz
  6. At Last! a truly multipurpose telescope that no serious astronomer should be without! If only I had known before I got my 9.25 Celestron. Perhaps we could persuade FLO to sell them. Liz
  7. Hi Pauly, That looks good to me. As Jupiter gets higher and bigger in the sky over the next few weeks I think more of us will be imaging it for the first time. I am looking forward to giving it a try soon. I just hope the clear weather holds. liz
  8. I'll forgive you, but then I am in Devon I hope you get a chance to enjoy your new telescope soon. I've had some lovely views of Jupiter lately. That could make a great first target for your Skymax. Liz
  9. That's right, the one with the funny hair do. Liz
  10. Hi, I have just been looking at Jupiter as well. The best view I have seen of it in a long time. The shadow of Io was lovely and sharp and the bands seemed much darker than I have seen before. I've had to drag myself away from the telescope as I have work in the morning, so enjoy the view you lucky folks who can stay up later. Liz
  11. Hope your wait will soon be over. I know what you mean about the star hopping! liz
  12. Hi Al, that is a gorgeous picture. We were down in your part of the world last week, enjoying some lovely stormy weather and big seas. Liz
  13. Seems a bit unlikely. For a start, 12 miles of hose will be very heavy, to say nothing of the weight of the water and everything else that will travel up the hose. Is it possible to pump liquid 12 miles straight up? Besides, we have spent the last 100 years or so pumping rubbish into our atmosphere, why do we want to speed up the process? Or have I missed something here? Liz
  14. Hi Paul, Welcome to the SGL Liz
  15. Hi Dave, Welcome to the lounge Liz
  16. night vision

    New boy

    Hi Mozza, Welcome to SGL Liz
  17. According to the BBC website, Uncle Sam will want it back if anyone finds it. I guess they will want to sell it on ebay to try to ease their own debt problems. In the mean time I shall keep my crash helmet within easy reach. Liz
  18. Hi Krys, Sounds like you are hooked. Bins are a great way to get started. I started with 8X30s about 20 years ago, and I never tire of the view through them. With 10X50s you will be able to see plenty of deep sky objects once the moon gets out of the way. Liz
  19. Let us know what you see. I'm betting the Moon will be on your list! Liz:)
  20. It is not just you. I did it the other night, very frustrating. Liz
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