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  1. Hi I'm still new to astronomy and was just wanting to know what to expect to see through the scope.I have been looking at all the photos people have taken of planets,galaxies ect and they look amazing but when I looked through a scope all I see are little white dots even saturn just looks little more that a spot with the fainst glimpse of a ring.was I just expecting too much to think I whould see images like all the photos on here or see saturn in colour with detail of the rings
  2. Thanks for the replys the metal one looks good. heres a photo of the caps I want the metal ones will replace the one on the right but I could do with one like the left one
  3. Hi does anyone know where you can get some cheap dust caps that goon the focuser on the telescope and for barlowed lenses cheers
  4. Are there any other cams where you can get a live video feed of what your seeing through the scope thanks
  5. I was looking at getting one of the phillips SPC880 webcams are these simple to use.can I just put it on the scope and get video/photos straight away or is it not that simple
  6. Hi I want to take some video and photos of the moon and Saturn whats the easiest camera to get into this and are there any online guides or reading material for a beginners simple setup cheers
  7. Hi ok will let you know how I get on
  8. I wish I had known this before buying.I dont seem to be having any luck in this hobby buying used gear from so-called genuine people(vultures) :eek:Bad day
  9. as said I have already bought it can you explain what is wrong with them
  10. Thats the cam I was originally looking at but when I saw this for a similar price I got it thinking it was a bit better or was I wrong I just want to look at the moon and planets
  11. Has no one used this camera before:eek:
  12. Hi thanks for all the advice while looking at the phillips cameras I saw a opticastar PL-131C for the same price so bought it.has anyone used one. How do you no if you need to use a focal reducer
  13. Hi are there any shops close to durham that will do the collimation on my telescope I have tried myself but have just made it worse than it was to start with
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