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  1. Hi all, Now that galaxy season is aproaching and i'm not sure if I can finish these two images here goes the mono only for now, halphas of the Rosette and jellyfish made with my usual setup, 175mm f/4.6 newtonian and QHY163M. if the weather ever clears I'll still try to get some OIII for these This time I used shorter subs of 180 secs and it seems to work rather nice, I'm still clipping a good deal of brighter stars but I don't think it's much to worry about, some star masks during processing works fine for me. Here goes the Rosette, this is only 39x180 secs with gain:20 offset:80 (make sure to check the full size version): https://www.flickr.c...eposted-public/ And the Jellyfish,77x180 secs. this one was made under mediocre conditions, bad transparency all the way, but even so it come out ok: https://www.flickr.c...eposted-public/ Hope you enjoy, Cheers, Luís
  2. Thanks Wim, Probably, if I get the chance to go to my dark sky site in a near future...let's see Cheers,
  3. Hi guys, Took a little more data on this M42 image and I'll call this done for now, happy with all the dust on the background The camera picked up a lot of detail, even with all the fireplaces smoke that filled the air, I always end up my winter nights smelli'n like "Chouriço"... This is now comprised of 51x300 secs at gain:20 offset:100 USB traffic set to:5 Setup: SW ED80 with Altair Astro 0.8X reducer (f/6) Baader 7nm Ha filter EQ6 mount Guided with ASI120MM and 50mm guider Here on Flickr: https://www.flickr.c...eposted-public/ Cheers,
  4. Thanks Paul, Indeed, also the versatility for lunar and planetary work is another great feature I'm having lots of fun with it for sure Cheers
  5. Thanks Guy There´s nothing wrong with the mono DSLR really, it's just that these new cameras allow for much lower exposure time with prety much the same image quality... and...clear nights are becoming a rarity even here in Portugal so the faster the better Cheers,
  6. Thanks For sure there was quite a bit of problems with this camera at the begining, especially the problem with USB2 image dowlnoad hangs, after some trouble shooting QHY came up with an updated driver that solved this and now as this driver is using the cameras buffer in the correct way, USB transfer is no longer is no longer a problem, now we can lower USB traffic as low as 1 and still be ok as the image uses the buffer and only then downloads at watever speed via USB, this reduced the amp glow and it's now working much better. 10 min. subs are possible with good residual glow correction Oh, and that heated window just works, I had nights with a dripping telescope and it was all good, no issues at all, it's a thing to consider There is still a little "polishing" to be made, I see some exposure variations on the frames that don't seem to affect much the final image, but I would klike to understand why this happens. Cheers,
  7. Thanks! The microlenses refrlections are a real pain unfortunatelly, this is caused by the sensor's coverglass as it has no a.r. coatings...I guess I could use some masks and try to minimize this issue a fair bit but it´s a lot of work, I wish that in a near future there will be some PS plug in to address this...just say´n... Cheers,
  8. Ok, now we´re talking Another batch of 36x300 secs frames out of the oven, this was captured in two consecutive nights with little moon impact so better contrast then my previous M42 image, also the callibration seem to be spot on as I can't detect any gradients or poorly calibrated residual glows, happy happy Good to know there's still ample room for improvement as this is just over 3 hours so will add at least the double integration time, let's see what it brings. Setup is the same: -SW ED80 with Altair Astro 0.8X reducer (f/6) -QHY163M -Baader 7 nm filter -EQ6 mount -ASI 120MM with 50mm finger for guiding Stack of 36x300 sec. at Gain20 Ofrfset100 USB traffic set to 5 (will lower to 1 on future captures to see if the amp glow is further reduced) Here on Flickr: https://www.flickr.c...eposted-public/ Hope you guys enjoy, Luís
  9. Hi guys, So finally after QHY sorted all the issues with UB2 I was able to capture some data to give a good test run to my new QHY163M, I choose something "easy" in Ha as this will be my primary aim with this camera, as I image mainly from my light polluted back yard at the city This was just a quick and dirty processing, to be honest I was like a zombie after a days work but I had to do it, it's been siitting for a few days waiting for processing, something is not very well I suspect with my dark or bias frames as I see a lighter band at the bottom of the image, seems like the amp glow did not callibrate out perfectly but that should be something or some bad frame in the stack so will have to see that in better detail...also yes, the microlenses reflection is a concern, very well visible on the brighter star, there is a simmetrical reflection around the star, I sure hope the gurus will find an easy way to deal with this in the future...maybe a PS plug in hehehe Appart from that, it need more frames to clean up the dim areas, but the details are quite something for only 480mm f/l. setup used: QHY163M SW ED80 at f/6 Baader Ha 7nm filter EQ6 mount autoguided with ASI 120MM and a 50mm finder Stack of 35x300 secs at Gain20 Offset100 USB traffic 5 Plus 15x60 secs + 10x15 secs for the core (still slightly overexposed) So this is a first "draft" and I will get back at it for inprovement when I'm feeling fresher must check the callibration frames and smooth out the background. Here on Flickr resized to 50%: https://www.flickr.c...eposted-public/ Hope you enjoy, Cheers,
  10. Hi guys, I'm very happy to report that I'm now testing the Express card with USB3.0 and it works perfecly with my computer! I'm running a sequence on SGP with no issues so far, good dowload speed and I'm not using the supplied power cable to the adaptor, so it's not using the full voltage So if your old USB2.0 laptop has an express card slot get one and try, they are cheap too! So far so good, I will continue my tests and report back, Cheers, Luís Campos
  11. Hi Toni, There's indeed a problem with the QHY163 and USB2, I'm not sure if you use USB2 but if so there is a lot of dowload problems to sort from QHY side, I'm also having a hard time with my QHY163M due to this, I have already got in touch with QHY and they are triyng hard to solve this issue, we are not the only ones... I got an express card USB3.0 adaptor and I will try this as it's supposed to carry more power over usb, I will try this when I get home and let you know, but let's wait a bit and see if QHY comes up with a sollution, this is very anoying indeed, I'm fighting the camera for 3 weeks now with no luck, I won't tell you how many times I have carried the whole setup outside just to end up weith nothing over a camera that refuses to work...very, very frustrating stuff! Cheers, Luís
  12. Hi Herra, Wow...this was a busy weekend for me! Instaling drivers, sorting glitches, back focus distances and so on...well, I got the camera working and made first light on saturday, crazy thing I had a clear weekend with amazing clear skies well, I used SGP as proposed by you, thanks for that Herra! I didn't even know it had a free "light" version, and man...I'm loving it, it's simple enough for me to understand and prety straightforward, but unfortunately I get a lot of "hangs" during dowload, sometimes I get a full 15 frames with no problem, and some times it just sits there "downloading" over the second frame and I have to abbort...I've tried playing with "USB traffic" but it doesn't seem to help much, still have that to sort out, but appart from that I call it a success! Haven't done any callibration frames just yet, just wanted to see sensitivity and back focus spacing with my Baader MPCC to start with, as for gain, I tried gain 12 and offset 60 and with 2 mins. with my 175mm f/4.6 newt. I'm clipping a good deal of stars, on M42 the trapezium area is completely burned out as expected So for "LUM" with this setup and 12 gain for sure I don't need more then 60 or 90 sec. subs at máx, I will probably use lower gain next time...Oh for a quick shot I had M33 hanging overhead and from my light polluted back yard I made a quick 2 min. sub...sprirals and all with detail I never seen with such a short sub, this thing is a beast! Now for problems...Taking a quick peek at the clear glass filter on the sensor (optical window) I can see I'm going to have problems as it seems highly reflective, just by memory I can say that the Astronomik MC clear glass I use on my mono conversions is MUCH better then this, but I have one home so I will compare the two, for sure I'm going to have problems with the Baader Ha filter as this one is bad with reflections, add a poor optical window and you can see what I mean, let's see about the Astronomik LRGB set... Another thing is the distance that the thered flange is from the sensor, 18mm is quite a lot for 1.25" filters, and then I have to keep the 55mm for the MPCC and also the 0.8X reducer for the ED80, so I'm working on and adaptor the sort this out, I'll show you how to do it within a few days, this will put my filter wheel face on the camera Well, no pics for now, still have to make my flats and bias...don't even know how to make that on SGP...but I'll find out LOL Cheers,
  13. I hope to get it today, my head is already spinning and I didn't even get the camera lol So much new stuff to check for, drivers, capture SW, etc...I dowloaded the 45 day free trial of SGP, looks like good stuff but as I say still a lot to learn as this is completely different of what I was used too...oooh the joys of new gear Let's see what I can get, I still have to find a way to integrate the 1.252 manual filter wheel with the Astronomiks LRGB on the camera as close as possible the to chip, but I think it's an easy "mod" I will remove the threaded adaptor and place the FW flush on the camera face using the 4 screws to minimize vigneting, also I need to see if I can get the 55mm distance to work with my newtonian and Baader MPCC and ED80 with reducer. Cheers,
  14. There comes a new learning curve, but all worth it, let' see how it rolls, should get mine tomorrow The forecast looks ok for the weekend here, let's see if I have any luck... BTW...what capture sw are you using? Cheers,
  15. Yay! Congrats Herra! I'm also about to join you, you know...should get mine in a few days So this means at least six months of heavy rain...
  16. Nice to see more ways of cold finger mods, yes this is one of those cases were bigger is better hehehe In the end if it works good is all that matters, nice job
  17. Here is my "baby" Mono TEC cooled Canon 550D with all electronics included on the grip, it even powers the camera so no batteries needed, allways full throtle! hehehe
  18. Many thanks Yes, the cooling plays a major role here in warm Portugal ! The average night temps are still rather high around 22-23Cº my cooling system gives around 12-13Cº drop as it has a small heat sink, I want this system light, I give a 45 sec. pause between frames to allow dither to settle, the beauty of this is that it maintains the sensor temps. within a 1cº accuracy even with 1200 sec. subs, this means perfect darks, on colder climate I don't use darks at al just aggresssive dither, works great. Cheers,
  19. Another mono image made, this time is IC 1396 complex nebula in mono (ha) with the red supergiant garnet star, this is my longest integration so far with over 9 hours of total exposure, shot over 3 nights with very good transparency (urban sky). setup used: SW ED 80 with 0.8X reducer/corrector, Canon 550D MONO & TEC cooled, Baader 7nm Ha filter (36mm version), EQ6 mount, stack of 32x1200 sec subs @ 1600 ISO. Finally I'm getting good star shapes at the corners with this setup, this is the best I can get, very happy with it So by simply defocusing intrafocal just a tiny, tiny bit the corners get so much beter, not semi cirles anymore Hope you enjoy the outcome, make sure to check the full size: https://www.flickr.c...eposted-public/ Cheers, Luís
  20. Did you notice the Andromeda galaxy at upper left on minute 02:12? Just wow...
  21. Big american style dobs I guess that's near one meter main mirror....gosh! I can't even imagine the views on that under that sky...:P
  22. Apologies for I don't know quite well where to put this, so here goes: https://vimeo.com/180637962 "Something internal and personal draws us out to the night sky. Under a blanket of stars and the Milky Way arcing over head, we ask the simple question "What do you feel?" This short film follows 20 high schoolers far from the city lights to an Astronomy Camp; then joins the Oregon Star Party where 600 astronomers camp out with telescopes of all sizes during the Perseids Meteor Shower. Timelapse has been the only way to showcase the night sky in video; but with the new low-light technology of the Canon MH20f-SH, we film in the quiet moments that have been impossible to capture until now." Simply beautifull, they really captured the essence of what's beeing an amateur astronomer Man I got goose bumps... Cheers,
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