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  1. ..and again. I do apologise! Just looked at the EQ-1 Motor Drive on a few websites and noticed that a lot of people are using them to power DIY Dolly Sliders. Being a single axis unit, it saves any unnecessary faffing about, which is always a bonus, and the built in ability to regulate the speed helps too!. This guys review caught my eye, because it gave a little insight in to the distance I can cover dependent on rpm the speed selected: It's looking promising! Now, to figure out mounting and how to actually get the slider to move in step!
  2. ..further to my last, it can be done. http://youtu.be/DsER8q7gWzk The guys is using an Igus DIY Timelapse Dolly with a Skywatch EQ-1 motor mount to power the slider. That's given me hope that it's possible!
  3. Yes, just the dolly. Sorry for not clarifying that! I think it'll just be generic widefield shots for the night sky, nothing up close and personal. During the daytime, I'll more than likely use a normal video camera for that, so it's just the night sky that'll use the DSLR. I'm looking in to belt drives, but I might go for something a bit simpler. I'm considering utilising motors and drives already available to power the setup, something like this: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-mounts/dual-axis-motor-drive-for-cg-4-and-omni.html In my minds eye, it'll just be a simple case of mounting some sprockets and then attaching a belt, but I'd be interested to hear what you guys think. The advantage of this would be the low rpm of the motors. Assuming they're 1rpm motors to match the rotation of the Earth, the lateral distance covered should be around 2in per minute (ipm). That would work out to be around 30 minutes to cover the distance of a 5ft slider. I'm sure I have more in my head, but putting it in to words is a bit difficult at the moment. All the best, Sam.
  4. Hi guys, Hopefully I'm in the correct neck of the woods here! I'm currently working on a DIY Dolly Track for some video work, but I'm also going to be utilising it for some timelapse photography over night (The imagine below is what I'm working towards, not the actual Dolly Track). I will be motorising the Dolly Track to assist in making my life easier, but I have a slight concern over timings. Would I need to add a delay in to the motor circuit to account for the time delay in recording the images, or would it all seamlessly blend in to one? As an example, if I shoot for 30s, and the delay between shots is 15s, would that 15s be noticeable whilst tracking the camera? It seems a bit wrong posting this question here, but I will also use the thread to document and show you the Dolly Track as it gets completed. TIA and all the best, Sam.
  5. If I had the money! Did you photograph a wedding up at Nicholas Church on the 22nd September Mark?
  6. Sounds good to me Si. Lets see how the weather plays out..
  7. If only I could have! I wasn't driving though. I can't, plus I'd had a bit to drink. Still sober, but still..
  8. Wouldn't able to make that one if you fancy venturing out. Got a leaving do for one of our girls at work..
  9. Pretty much the same as looking up in your back garden if I'm honest Craig. I find that the church up at St. Nicholas can be quite pleasant. Seem's to be a little darker for some reason. Sam.
  10. I took a few images in my absence from the forum and the best of the bunch are below for your viewing pleasure. The Hunter by Caerus Aviation, on Flickr International Space Station, Basildon by Caerus Aviation, on Flickr International Space Station, Basildon by Caerus Aviation, on Flickr Any C&C's welcome. Enjoy. Sam.
  11. Looks like something taken through a telescope, not a DSLR and a 300mm lens. Simply stunning. Might grab myself an Astrotrac if I win the lottery.
  12. Hi Craig, I have a few times. The LP can be a pain to be honest. If you face South you have Coryton, to the East you have Pitsea & Southend, and even Londons LP to the West is quite significant. Obviously it can all be over come, but it takes that little bit more work to edit once you're back home. That's not to say it's not worth a go.. HTH, Sam.
  13. Thanks guys! It's good to see it growing, which is nice. I do believe we need a viewing sessions still Simms. Have you managed to get up to St. Nicholas church yet? It's a good thing you're close by. I could use some help with my scope! A move is not advised Si! It's fine if you're here to start off with, but moving in is reserved for the insane!
  14. Hi guys, I've been on the forum for a while, but I haven't shown myself recently. Since I've been gone, we've gained an official Essex group, so I thought I'd come and introduce myself. I'm Sam, I'm 25 and I live in Basildon('t). I've always looked up and stared, amazed at what I saw before me but it's not until recently that I started recording what I see using my DSLR. I know Simms lives just opposite me, so if anyone else is in Basildon, do let it be known! Outside of the expanse of wonder above us, I'm usually found stuck to an airfield perimeter fence indulging in my passion for aviation. Civilian, Military, General Aviation; It's all on my list and every year I join the Fuel Ops team at the Royal International Air Tattoo to keep the aircraft flying! I'm looking to enjoy some nights out with like minded locals, so I'll be back a bit more regularly this time! All the best guys and clear skies, Sam.
  15. Thanks Kevin. Just about to head out and get some trails up there. May frame the church..
  16. Clear as a daisy here in Essex. Shall be the same for tomorrow night too.
  17. Now, see I like that. It might be the additional interest in the image that does it, the whole "Sense of Scale" thing.
  18. Maybe up to 60 minutes worth, but no more. If done properly, then maybe anything more can be justified. Seen a few on Flickr with a total exposure length of 240 minutes.! Too much in my view.
  19. Thanks Stewart. I don't even remember shooting at ISO1600 in my defense. I swear I put it on to ISO800, but the shot details don't lie. I will try 30 minutes soon. I'm spending the time to experiment with different exposure lengths to see what works.As you say, it's all down to personal preference. I don't particularly like the kind of image where the star trails end up effectively catching themselves.
  20. I didn't even consider I'd be shooting on one of the shortest nights. I take it that it's not something everyone does.? There weren't many that have a static tree, so I doubt I could do much with it. It's doing me some good justice Peter. I'll get a barndoor going and put it to ever better use. Thanks Olly. Glad to know that even my first attempt has inspired you to give it a go. It's all about letting the camera and software work their magic, so take something to do whilst you're out.
  21. Thanks guys. I don't think it's dedication as such Jon, more an attempt to do something with the time gained from my insomnia.
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