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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments. I have not been really well the last few months, and seldom have the energy to get out after nightfall these days. I've probably had my scope out no more than three times this year, when I wanted to show my great-niece something special. We even missed our annual perseid safari this year.
  2. We had a wonderfully clear view of the sky on the Saturday night. Also got a brief look at Mars. To me, it's just another full Moon. Enjoyed your poem.
  3. So, you're a poet! Did anyone know it?
  4. This is getting a bit silly. If Symbiosis and the Spanish gent are separated in latitude, a space object would not appear in the same region of the Moon, or at all in both places. This would be due to parallax (q.v.) The likelihood of two birds appearing to cross the Moon at about the same time in Spain and elsewhere is much greater than it being space-borne. I have seen satellites cross my FOV, and they are pinpricks, for the most part. It is possible to see the ISS structure if your scope is focused, but it looks like the ISS, not a round object. As for Major Cooper, maybe he has a brain tu
  5. Normally, I wouldn't get my scope out for a full Moon, but my great-niece, who is very interested in Astronomy, had got caught up in all the hype, and wanted to see it though the scope. So she came over for the afternoon and evening. When we went out to the scope about 9.30, the Moon was still behind my house, so we amused ourselves by tteaching her the parts of an equatorial mount, and having a look at Mars, which looks about the size of a poppy seed at 100x, but is definitely round. Showing her the Moon was almost anticlimactic. I used the Moon aperture on the scope cover, and the Moon was s
  6. They mey have had a bump sometime that knocked the prisms out of alignment. If they are cheap binocs, I would go buy a better pair.
  7. I solved my problem with the height of the refractor on the tripod by building a taller tripod. Before that, I had considered getting three 8" concrete blocks and putting the legs of the tripod on those. If you can leave the concrete blocks in place, that could work for you.
  8. I have an 8mm X-Cel that I use as a backup for my Antares 7.5mm. I used to own three X-Cels, but I found that if you don't put your eye in exactly the right place, it kidney-beans like crazy. (Kidney-beaning is a black, bean shaped form that covers your FOV in some eps, when you don't have your eye centred.) I sold my 5mm and 12.5mm X-Cels to buy the motor for my mount. I don't recommend these eps. Like the little girl who had a little curl, when they are good, they are very very good, but when they are bad, they are horrid!
  9. For visual astronomy you only need to be close, not exact. Get yourself an RA motor for the mount. I have a RA and Dec driver, but I disconnected the Declination drive as I find it easier and faster to do that adjustment manually.
  10. I would support the Skywatcher 150 Dob. A friend of mine used one as his only scope for years. He did have a couple of Pentax eps that he used with it, but he showed me the best view of Jupiter I've ever had with that scope.
  11. I bought my EQ3-2 with a wooden tripod, and have found it very stable, except when I accidentally kick the leg of the tripod. I built a tall wooden tripod for my refractor, and find it very steady, too. IIt doesn't vibrate more than a second or two after banging it.
  12. It's very similar to my Celestron C6N, which is no longer manufactured, but I have spent many enjoyable hours using it. Good choice. Get some good eyepieces for an even more enjoyable experience.
  13. An advanced astronomer I know used a 6" Skywatcher Dob for years, as his only scope. Mind you, he had a couple of Pentax eps that he used with it, but he showed me the best View of Jupiter that I've ever had. Skywatcher quality is pretty good.
  14. If that's the way you have your mount set up, you need to find a tutorial on setting up an equatorial mount. I won't go into it in this post, but your setup is all wrong. Common beginner's mistake, so don't fret. Try this This one looks pretty good http://www.themcdonalds.net/richard/index.php?title=Setting_Up_an_Equatorial_Mount
  15. I'm afraid if I say too much more, the flying saucer men will come for me.
  16. Consider getting a better quality 7mm, and adding something in the 12mm range. That will give you some good high powers. The f/10 scope is very forgiving of eyepiece design flaws, so you should have good viewing with any quality ep.
  17. You wouldn't be able to track them in daylight, as the OP says he could, would you? Horses, not zebras.
  18. Most likely a bird. I was watching the Moon during the warbler migration once, and saw a bird every couple of minutes. Failing that, it could have been the Vogon mother ship. Oh, birds do fly at night. Owls, Nighthawks, Whippoorwills and some others mostly fly at night.
  19. You have a nice collection of scopes there. What were you using? I'll be out with my Vixen/Antares f/9.5 105mm tonight. Ain't the Moon great?
  20. Buy a small stepladder, or divorce the wife you've got and marry a taller girl.
  21. And at a distance of about 40,000 km. Too far to be seen with backyard equipment.
  22. If you saw a black circle with points of light about it, you were almost certainly out of focus.
  23. Oh, you are in the TCA of both Windsor and Detroit airports, Could these have been aircraft related?
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