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  1. I had a 10" newt on a CG5 and it seemed to handle it ok. Some vibration whilst focussing at higher mag but not really enough to bother me.
  2. I havnt. I'm not so sure how I would go about this. With my scope being F9 would the neximage be sensitive enough to pick up a star. Which part of the sky would it be best to choose a star to set up the PEC?
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Would it be to late to take more flats and darks?
  4. Nice satallite caught there, interesting. Very well done on the image as well.
  5. Hi I had a very quick go (hope you don't mind) at adjusting the curves and it stands out a lot better although the background does look unaturally dark but im sure it can be a great picture if processed properly. I have only just started to have a go at processing so I have a long way to go.
  6. I notice that the clip filters are considerably more expensive than my £20 skywatcher one. Is there a big difference in performance? Also is there one that you would personally reccomend, thanks.
  7. I might of got a bit longer if I remembered to have a go with the PEC function. Although I find my illuminated reticle useless, the position of the star in the crosshair moves as my head moves so I imagine it will be impossible to accurately keep the star in the centre of the crosshairs for the 8 minutes required for the PEC. Is this a common problem for illuminated reticles or do I just have a dodgy one?
  8. Does anyone know if I can use a screw on lpr filter with the Skywatcher 0.85x reducer/flattener for a Skywatcher DS Pro ED100. Also is there any other reducers I could use on this scope, Ive heard someone say they have used a William Optics one sucessfully. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. Dark Site! I wish, I live in Hull, population 300,000. The pollution was a nightmare at the start so I waited until Andromeda was fairly high at about 1am. I also cant bring any colour out the image as well. I notice that in most other peoples images the galaxy is blue. It might be that I need a wider field of view and longer exposure times
  10. Heres my first real attempt at a DSO. M31, 10x180s lights, 4 darks, ISO 1600, F9 ED100, Unguided. Apart from the apparant noise, vignetting and framing issue I am quite pleased with what ive got. Im not sure if ive over processed it a bit. Ive spent a few hours trying to bring out more detail and produce an even gradient throughout but i cant quite get it to work, il have to remember to produce some flats next time. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could improve the image? Thanks
  11. Hi finally got out the other night for the first time in about 3 months. Ive got to say for some reason I have completely lost interest in astronomy over the 3 month period, I havnt even bothered opening my last couple of issues of sky at night magazine. But I thought I'd push myself so I dragged my equipment into the garden, and had the time of my life. I've never enjoyed astronomy so much since I first started. My CGEM provided near flawless tracking thanks to the all-star routine. I was getting 2.5 minutes before trailing was noticeable using my ED100, and that was also without using the PE
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