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  1. Ended up as a mosaic of about 16 images. Probably overkill but I was worried about missing an area and only realising after I'd packed up
  2. The green laser didn't work for me If I shoot it at the lights in my neighbours garden (the ones that charge up during daylight) it does trigger them though, so I think it depends on the sensor.
  3. Does Hubble suffer orbital decay? Its an extra 200 odd km further out than the ISS isn't it?
  4. Weebz

    Hi all

    Nice scope, welcome
  5. Nice I can't seem to capture the moons unless I whack the gain right up but then it messes up the rest of the image.
  6. Nice results - glad you got it sorted. I bought a webcam off the back of the Stargazing Live programmes and had similar issues to you, nothing would come into focus. After much fiddling I discovered that the cheapo reflector I was using didn't have enough "back focus". Was a good excuse to upgrade to a more competent scope but at the time was a real pain in the ****
  7. I read an old article over at Bad Astronomy recently all about the moon landing conspiracies, well worth a read. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Bad TV
  8. Excellent image, particularly for a first attempt - certainly better than mine
  9. I managed to have a quick look at Uranus last night / this morning and it was just a faintly blue dot in the eyepiece. Makes your capture all the more impressive from my perspective
  10. Your patience and commitment put me to shame! Brilliant set of photos
  11. Thanks for the comments. Had another go last night and think this came out slightly better. I'm having trouble focusing and tracking manually, will have to invest in motors I think.
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