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  1. Another (newbie) Tauntonite stargazer here (still all excited as he saw Saturn up close and personal for the first time on Saturday) I'm sure we can find somewhere that will have us!
  2. Thanks all - Stellarium is currently downloading. All advice and welcomes are more than appreciated.
  3. Hi - I'm a complete novice to looking up using something other than my eyes. Have been bought a Sky-Watcher 114mm diameter reflector for my birthday - and now that the evenings aren't quite so chilly, I'm ready to go. Have to say that looking just at the moon close up for the very first time blew my cockles off. I really would appreciate any steer on what, how and where I should be starting with; what can I realistically hope to get a good view of; what are other good websites for me to pore over? Thanks - Kipper:hello2:
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