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  1. Hello Bart, I've found that a good 60mm to 80mm aperture is pretty good for solar viewing and some mild imaging. That size also gives you good contrast in the image. In the past I experimented with a SCT 11 and an 80 ed, both at full aperture and while the 11's images were larger they just weren't as contrasty as the 80's. Lots of tube heating and other issues were probably to blame. If it were me I'd make a large filter cell then make a smaller removable mask for the front of it so you would have the best of both worlds. You could switch between them and see which you like best. Clear Skyz,
  2. Hello from Texas everyone. We are just starting our springtime here after what has seemed like a very long winter. I'm mostly into Solar imaging and hope to post soon to the sun section of the forum. I've been shoot'n the Sun since 2000 and enjoy solar as well as planetary imaging. I look forward to getting to know the folks in the groups. Clear Skyz, LA
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