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  1. Removed from sale due to unexpected circumstances. Thank you.
  2. Skywatcher 2" O-111 filter for asronomy. Boxed and in excellent condition. Leaving astronomy hence sale. £30.00 includes postage. UK only please. Payment by Paypal please.
  3. Skywatcher 12.5mm 1.25" illuminated astronomy eyepiece. Boxed and in fully working condition. Leaving astronomy hence sale. £27.00 includes postage. UK only please. Payment via Paypal please.
  4. Skywatcher Nirvana 16mm 1.25" eyepiece. Boxed and in good condition. Leaving astronomy hence sale. £55.00 includes postage. UK only please. Payment via Paypal please.
  5. Barely used Brightstar Mammut colour camera for astronomy. Superb condition complete with cables and box. Stopping astronomy hence sale. £110.00 Price includes signed for postage. Payment by Paypal please.
  6. Hi all, I will be advertising all my gear over the next few days. This is a William Optics 7.5 - 22mm zoom eyepiece. Hardly used. Lovely condition. £80.00 including signed for postage within the UK. Thanks for looking. John
  7. Thanks for the replies folks. I'll get onto Celestron and see what they have to say. Cheers, John
  8. Hi folks, A couple of years ago I bought the above camera to have a go at imaging the moon and planets. I have used it a few times with good results but last night I found I couldn't get Jupiter anywhere near focussed. So I tried the moon which was OK but not as clear as I'd had it in the past. I inspected the camera and found the plastic body next to the sensor had melted. A very small part of the plastic had gone onto the glass in front of the sensor. (Not sure if this is just glass or a filter.) I was wondering if anyone else has had (or heard) of this problem with similar cameras. I didn't think the sensors in these cameras got so hot as to melt the surrounding plastic. Is it a common fault or could it be something else? Thanks John
  9. Hi all, The main additon to my CPC 1100 is an Earthwin Power/Filter switch. This attaches to the diagonal and has a Barlow and Reducer fitted which can be slid into the light path as needed. It also has holders for two filters which can also be slipped into place. This makes power and filter changes so much easier as they can be done in a second at the touch of a button rather than unscrewing and fiddling around in the dark. Regards, John
  10. Sometimes when there is a nice clear sky during the day I think 'Yes! A nice clear sky for stargazing tonight'. Then when it clouds over I'm quite relieved and think 'Yes a nice bottle of wine instead'. That way I don't feel so guilty not going out.
  11. Johnboy


    I met her a few weeks ago when I was lucky enough to be in the audience on 'Stargazing Live - Back To Earth'. After the show she took time to chat to me, asking what equipment I had and what my astronomy related interests are. She was genuinely interested and was excited and looking forward to presenting 'The Sky At Night'. Good luck to her. Regards, John
  12. Hi, I find with my webcam the view on the laptop tends to take time updating. In other words I have to tweak the focus knob then wait a few seconds before the result appears on the screen. If I go to fast the view on the screen lags behind slightly. Turn the knob a little at a time and wait for the result to appear before turning again. Regards John
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