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  1. you can also check out the model visualizing the path of Comet ISON http://www.solarsystemscope.com/ison
  2. Hi, We've just finished for you a brand new model displaying transit as you will see it from your location: http://www.sunaeon.com/venustransit of course it´s free and there are more features waiting too: - all important event times, trajectory and sun's current position according to horizont - for admins we are preparing the embedding utility Enjoy Mito and SunAeon team, creator of solarsystemscope.com and sunaeon.com
  3. Hi, We still continue to develop planets-related models but for Chrismas we have something special: Can you imagine christmas wishes from people all over world in a single place? We´ve made the Neverending Book, that makes it possible. Christmas-Wishes-Book You are welcome to write your wish or message for somebody you know, for the world or just for yourselfa And together we can make a true christmas story. Mito and Sunaeon team creators of solarsystemscope.com
  4. Hi, After the success of SolarSystemScope we have launched a new Watch & Play model Sun Moon Scope focused on the Sun and the Moon as they appear from the given location of the Earth surface: - current position of the Sun, its trajectory, time and azimuth of sunrise and sunset - moon phases, current position and trajectory of the Moon - seasons, solstices and equinoxes in chart But the most interesting part is to drag the model in time and watch changes during a day or year. (polar day and night, analemma and situations on the equator are our favourite) Enjoy it :-)
  5. Hi, We are happy to tell you that we have a new little model on our website http://www.solarsystemscope.com/ called Season Scope - shows actual position of the Sun and the Moon for your location with lots of information: sunrise, sunset, lenght of day, moon phase and more...Your locationwill remainsaved. We hope you will find it interesting J
  6. Thanks to all for your appreciation, it´s very motivating for us. We are only at the beginning of this project and have many ideas and plans, so you can expected various improvements very soon... Mito
  7. Hi, for all of you we´ve made new user-friendly interactive 3D model of solar system and night sky with real-time planetary positions. Interactive 3D model of Solar System Planets and Night Sky (requires flash) Application in a simple way helps students and laymen to understand the movements of the planets and to recognize constellations. For astronomers it also brings other interesting views and various settings. It's free and without needing to install, so definitely try it :-)
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