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  1. Just finished assembling the 300p (flextube)

    It was more work then i anticipated but luckily all the tools needed were supplied !( as i have precisely 0 tools :s:P)

    It's a bit bigger then i imagined and i am actually quite happy that the 300p solid tube was sold out , because that could have been akward to drive around with!

    Europa SAT24.nl Europees Satellietbeeld. Het Weer, Zon en Europese Buienradar - Bron: SAT24.com

    It looks like the netherlands could have a clear night, im certainly hoping for it (even tho i currently am in quite a light polluted area, i did get a filter for that) , and assume my jaw will drop from the view (if i get any) compared to the etx80, i am surprised at how smooth the rotation seems on the 300p and looking forward to less bumpy(jiffy? don't know the word sorry) observations compared to manual operation of the etx80

    checked the collimation with the skywatcher laser collimator that i ordered with it, and it seems to be spot on!(luckily)

    I will try to get the scope finder alligned properly after dinner when it's still light..

    MANY thanks to all the people helping me out on this forum , giving advice on what scope/ and accesoires to buy with my budget :D

    And explaining some of the differences between scopes...

    I'll be sure to report what i saw tonight ( if i get to see any) (cant get the bold to dissapear:S)

  2. decided to go for a 300p 1.5 hours ago, and they delivered it within an hour !:\ , that's what i call service!!!!:) (telescoop | sterrenkijker | telescoop kopen | sterrekijker | telescopen | bynostar | kinder telescoop)

    now i gotta figure out how to build it :D(after unpacking), going back to the lego days i guess...., hopefully it will be clear tonight to test it :)

    (Btw do they need to be collimated out of the box? or are they good?,)


  3. Hello again.

    im ordering a skywatcher skyliner dob and was wondering which filters i would need for planets(saturn), and DSO

    Robotics UHC filters 1,25 45,00 EUR

    Robotics 1.25'' Lunar/planetary filter set 35,00 EUR

    Televue NebuStar deepsky filter 31,75mm (1¼ inch) 85,00 EUR

    Televue OIII bandmate filter 31,75mm (1¼ inch) 85,00 EUR

    I will most likely start with the standard eyepieces that come with the dob ( also i have 26 and 9.7 mm maede from my etx80)

    which of the above filters should i have? and if i should need others , what kind/which should i take?

    also on a side note

    is a sky-watcher sheshire collimator easy to use for a begginer? or would you guys advise a laser one?

    thanks in advance!

  4. Hello, i have finally come to the decission to get the skyliner 300P dobson...( took only 1 week !:D) , now the next problem presents itself!

    What extra things to get?

    -Laser collimator ( or normal?)

    - Eyepieces( which? widefield? panorama? what quality..)

    -Filter (deep sky/moon? or an entire set)

    -red led torch

    -cleaning kit(s)?





    Robtics | Astronomical Instruments and Accessories

    thats the site i will be ordering from, please feel free to make any suggestions , and maybe add if it's essantial or that the purchase could be done at a later time

    once again thanks!

  5. thanks for your information

    Unfortunately the 300p solid tube was removed from the site in the last hour:(

    They still have the 250 PX tho..., im pretty sure for me( budget wise) and since im a begginer that the 250PX solid tube @ 479 is possibly the better buy then the 300p flextube @ 939

    What kind of eyepieces should i purchase for DSO , panorama?, and would you guys suggest to get a 2x or 3x barlow? ( i dont know with what kind of magnification you can look at planets with a dob)

    Also do i need filters?

  6. Heya all, sorry for asking, but i was wondering what the added value of the 300p would be over the 200p ( when used in practice), i know that you will ''catch'' alot more light , but what would the difference be when using it?,

    it's 50% more aperture for the 300, but also 220% the price for the auto version ( then maybe upgrading it later to goto as suggested in various posts that you could save money on that!)

    to put things in perspective cost wise

    200P auto 479 euro

    250Px auto 939 euro

    300P auto 1195

    (above are all flextube), iam leaning towards that again instead of the solid tube version because that has no tracking at all( so also no option to upgrade to goto), and finding objects with my current meade etx80 can be tricky at ''significant mag'' 45-120 x( and putting the barlow off again will cause you to focus like 20 cycles or however u call it:P)

    however , i dont have a spotter scope or ever used one , this could make things easier !

    also im am counting on either the 200p or 300p to give me a better view of the orion nebula then what i saw through my meade yday!:)


    thats pretty much spot on on how i saw it y-day, just a grey smudge with 0 color, can i expect better views with the 200P or 300P?

    on a sidenote its not totally clear to me yet if the , Skywatcher explorer 200P, would be a very similar scope as the Skyliner 200P?

    is the only difference between a newtonian and dobson the mount?

    would the explorer 200P produce nearly the same views as the skyliner 200p? ( it is 1000mm vs 1200 mm focal length , so magnification when using same eyepieces would be different)

    Hopefully some of you could help me out with some answers :D

    and hopefully i didnt annoy you guys with my questions :)

    Thanks in advance!

  7. :D, well i kinda gave up on imaging for now:P, after getting some replies and further 'investigation' found out thats not within my budget at all!!!!

    Hoping to be able to order a dobson soon! ( btw is the only difference between dob and newtonian the mount? since they both seem to work the same way)a

  8. lol im not a forum user in general, but it seems this is a very warm community!!!!:D

    how nice

    thanks all! and am looking forward to annoy everyone with more questions in the proces of aquiring more knowledge:P

  9. jep, but some googling resulted in finding out that most software is for windows only:(

    Parallels is not a bad option( you need to pay for it) unless you know certain sites...

    it can run windows applications in your snow leopard...(it is the best solution), i have it but haven't tried it yet( i needed it for autocad)

    i think dual boot is standard on every mac?

    i'm sure you will have some old version of windows laying around( xp or so), or people you know....

    hopefully there will be more software for mac !:D

  10. my 10" solid tube only needs collimating rarely. it shouldnt need too much unless you bang it about. Also, it's the secondary that can be tricky and that shouldn't move at all once it's in place. The primary is very easy to do. problem is, you get tempted to have a little tweak here and there.... :D

    shouldnt move at all once it's in place???, you mean that you actually have to intall the mirrors yourself :p that would be sucky!:(

  11. Eya! taffybuoy55, yes it is rather disappointing:P, especially when you have some expectations!, it is nice for the moon and you can make out that ur watching saturn but other then that it's not so nice:(

    what other telescopes are you looking @?, i am quite lost in the vast ammount of different types/prices/models:P

  12. Yes the previous model( the white one solid tube) also looks nice

    but it has not the optional auto function? ( so no tracking which might be akward sometimes, also if i'd wanted to make some pictures in the future tracking is probably needed:P)

    is alot cheaper tho!

    300P flextube 939 euros (1195 for auto and a stunning 1795 euros for goto)

    300p 779 euros

    quite a big price difference, do they have the same optics? or does the flextube outperform the 300p by alot?(iow is the only difference the compacter size when stored)

    skywatcher explorer 250pds also looked great (539 euros) but with tripod it is a 1695!, they only offer neq6pro system :D

    other then that the max for a combination of reflector/refractor

    would be clestron nex 6e @ 1195 euros ( this also stretches budget) and compared to a dob the diameter is quite small :p (half)

    Skywatcher startravel 150 also looked nice (789 euros with eq5 triopod)

    I am sooo lost and cannot decide at all :(

    Please help me even more narrowing it down!!!;)

  13. aha, thanks for that information.

    it does look a bit difficult that collimation:P, the problem however is my budget is not that big :D, 500-1000 euros or so.., so i was drawn towards a dob because it looked like you get alot of performence for a decent amount of money....

    Are there any other telescopes that you guys would suggest for me (maybe ones without needing collimation), i do already have a small refractor(meade etx80)

    I'm mostly interested in deep sky objects and wonder if the view threw the scope is anything like some of the amazing pictures people posted on this forum !

    Advise on a telescope would be much appreciated since there are SO many to choose from!, even in the price range i am looking for.....

    thanks in advance (again)

  14. Hello i am novice and wonder if noobies like me could also do collimating, how often would you have to do this on a Skywatch Skyliner 250-300p flextube?,

    and i've seen pictures of people their flextube and they had a cover around the extension part, where is that used for and how much would it cost?, are the standard supplied occulairs good enough for Deep space objects? and would a 2*/3* barlow lens work with such a telescope?

    to achieve 300/450 times magnification, and for what can this magnification be used? also to watch Galaxies?

    :iamwithstupid:but very interested and eager to learn more:P

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