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  1. Hey , I live in the netherlands and even though i can go to some spots with less light polution , the short grey? blue nights suck!, i am thinking to go to southern france this summer (it should be alot better there?), have any of you guys been to france for stargazing?, if so could you advise me on a good place also when i go i want to go well prepared, but im not sure what pieces i am missing to do some good observing I have 1 telescope and 1 tube with a lens ( skywatcher dob 300p and a meade etx 80) 2 2'' eyepieces (panaview 32 mm and aero ed 40mm) 2 '' barlow(*2) 1.25 barlow(*3) standard
  2. thanks for the reply, i winded up today going to the shop , and they didn't have either in stock , so i got a 2 inch sw barlow and a sw aero ed 40 mm..... hopefully it will be as good as the panaview , also wonder if the views with barlow will be any good or that i'll be saving up for a powermate soon
  3. Eya im looking for a low focal length eyepiece (2 inch preferably) and i wonder if the 1.25 inch adapter could be removed from the celestron ultima? ( since it's on of the few eyepieces with low focal length which are 2 inch..?) i know the 22 and 32 are only for 2 inch, but i wonder if the 5/8/13/17 are also for 2 inch with an adapter for 1.25 and will perform as well as other 2 inch eyepieces? Also how would the ultima lx compare to the celestron axiom lx? Meade 5000 super plossi 40mm and skywatcher aero ed in the same price range as the ultima lx as well..but much higher focal length -- Basi
  4. You could also use Stellarium for iphone/ipad or skyorb 3d
  5. ok, that clears things up a bit and what about the infinite universe?
  6. Heya all, im new in the scene( the stargazing and this) I have watched many docus like -Through the wormhole with morgan freeman -Many bbc horizons (To infinity and beyoned, who is afraid of a big black hole, is everything we know about the universe wrong, etc etc) -Stephan hawking (the 3 part on aliens/time travel and the theory of everything) wel and some i cannot even remember -- current theory says right after the big bang inflation took over -quote from wiki: inflation is the theorized extremely rapid exponantial expension of the early universe by a factor of at least 1078 in volume, driv
  7. haha what a dummy :S:P next time i'll think more before firing away my silly questions thanks for responding anyway!
  8. Heya, i was wondering if it could also be used without retracting it?, so you will have less focal length and less magnification! (potentially have less eyepieces you need 2 buy!) Is this possible and has this been tried? Also since i don't have a light shroud yet this could prevent stray light ?
  9. thanks alot for those tips! , this will give my a higher chance of succes , and maybe prevent frustration of not finding anything, ill be sure to purchase a setting circle.. thanks
  10. heya, it's a skywatcher 300p, so i think 600 is the max then?, but i understand now 450 is not suitable in most situations, i saw more detail of saturn @ 180 then @ 450 mag, i could see 1 moon really clear btw:), it was not really dark because of the moon and there is some light pollution ( maybe i should just wreck the 1 street light that is close haha:P or put a cover on it;) ) watched the moon through a 32 mm 2'' eyepiece and OMG that was stunning! im thinking of buying a 4 times powermate from tele vue for 2'' , so that the 32 mm could be used as a 8mm, to view saturn/jupiter and the moon
  11. yes i have stellarium!, but i wonder which is visable with the moon shining it's fairly clear tonight!, i watched the moon a bit and got some good views, only @ 450* mag it started to get a bit poor, this could be due to the skie not being clear enough, or the 3* barlow not being the highest quality
  12. hey everyone , i only got to play for a brief hour first time i tested my new scope!, now finally it's another clear night here:) i just did the collimation (it seemed actually straight forward !) I am wondering what i should try to look at tonight?, the moon is there , so it's not really ''dark'', im wondering @ what magnitude i can still look equipment Dobson 300p eyepieces 10mm, 25mm, 26mm, 9.6mm 3* barlow 2'' 32mm panaview moonfilter ( i got no other filters unfortunately..) atm im in the backyard and can only view higher objects like the moon/saturn , but m42 for example is 2 low, i will
  13. yes i will, im still novice so not much to compare it 2 (except the standard ep's) and am also waiting for a clear night...
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