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  1. More advice needed from the lovely folks at SL! I've ordered an Atik 383L+ and EFW2 filter wheel and I'm working on how to get power to them in my obsy. I have ordered a bench power supply (http://www.pegasusmodels.co.uk/product.asp?prodid=995593) and hope to power the mount, camera and filter wheel from it using some ring tongue power cables (http://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/skytron-power-supply-cable-skywatcher-eq3-2-eq5-heq5-eq6-series-mounts.html). I had the idea to buy two power cables, one to power the mount and one used in conjunction with a 2-way split
  2. Just to confirm it was the long exposure noise reduction that was on. Can't for the life of me remember turning it on. Spent Friday night it was something in APT I was missing, didn't even consider the camera. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Steve. Will check that out when I get home.
  4. I was out imaging M51 last night with my 1100D using APT. It's been a while since I used it and I don't remember it taking so long between exposures. I was taking 180s exposures with a 2s pause in between. However, in between the exposure and pause operations a busy message was displayed in the top left for at least two minutes each time. I don't remember the busy message showing for so long when I have used APT in the past. I've scoured the internet but can't find anything similar. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. Thanks for the input Guillermo. That is a possibility but am I not more likely to get a better deal if I buy the camera, filter wheel and filters as a package? Another question I have is what are the benefits of an OAG. I currently guide with a QHY5-II and SW Startravel 80 piggy backed on my scope. Would an OAG improve things, or maybe a better question would be, is my current guiding method detrimental?
  6. Thanks for your input guys. I spent most of yesterday researching and reading other peoples experiences and it seems everyone has exactly the same dilemma. So I don't feel half as bad about the decision I need to make! I definitely see an 80ED in my future Sara but I'm happy that my current scope is useable with a ccd for the present. And the 383 does look very tempting Olly, certainly the KAF8300 seems a better option considering the size of sensor I am used to using. It's probably a little more than I was prepared to spend but there is no point spending a lot of money on something that isn't
  7. I know this question comes up quite a lot and I have read several threads asking similar but everyones situation is a little different. I currently image with a non-modded 1100d on a 250PDS. Ideally I'd like to keep it non modded as I use it for daytime photography as well. I'm looking at purchasing a CCD camera to go that next step. I don't have a preference for what I image, a bit of everything really. The 314L+ gets a lot of recommendations as a very good bang for the buck CCD. I realise that my 1200mm FL on the 250PDS is on the long side and using the sensor tool in Stellarium has given me
  8. Thanks James. Just actually got off the phone to Altair Astro and they should finally have them back in stock in a week or so.
  9. Everyone online who sells these seems to be out of stock. Does anybody know of anyone who has any in stock. I had planned to get one fabricated but I'm concerned that I give the fabricator the wrong measurements so have decided that buying one is a much safer option. My ROR obey has been sat ready to be used for the past three months and I want to get in before I lose another winter.
  10. Back breaking work putting the roof together but installation went well. A quick internal view. And the weather boards on. Just one more coat of weather preserver all round and I'll be able to get on with the internal fit out.
  11. Another solid 8 hours of build time today. My dad and his compound mitre saw were a huge help. Managed to get the shed walls, doors and internal wooden frame up today. Another day tomorrow to do the roof and it'll be time for all of the fiddly bits!
  12. Spent the last two nights applying two coats of preserver to all the timber. I've got the next two days off work and my dad is coming over to help build the frame and shed.
  13. Another 9 hours of hard graft today. On my own today as well so much harder than yesterday. The first of many pours. Feet up and relax until Thursday now! I'll be quite happy if I don't see a cement mixer for the next ten years!
  14. I can't believe its been six months since the shed was delivered! And I've finally got off my backside and done some work. Plans have changed, obsy now in different position but otherwise the same idea. Lawn and three inches of topsoil removed for the concrete shed foundation. Hole dug, shuttering in place and three inches of ballast put down ready for concrete. Couple of lengths of rebar across hole to sit the spiral ducting pipe on to get the right height and ensure concrete pier and footing is one entity. Ducting in situ and ready for the pour! Close up shot of the method by which we ke
  15. Was this Saturn through the bhatinov mask? If so its always best to use a point source like a bright star to focus and then move back to the object you are trying to image. If it was a point source I'm not sure what is wrong, did you buy the correct size mask for your scope aperture?
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