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  1. Good evening, I've been doing much the same - playing with my new HEQ5 in the garden. Polar aligned ok, with the polarscope and the PolarFinder app on my android phone. Then tried 1 star alignment and started to struggle. The alignment routine was getting the scope pointing in the right general area, but not within the view of my eyepiece. I double checked that my location was set correctly (it was) and the time was correct (I wasn't - i'd got DST on) Tried again, checked again, tried again. In desperation I found this discussion, and read Peter's post where he suggested there was no problem loosening the clutches and doing a quick manual alignment to improve things. As soon as I'd done this I was able to get the suggested alignment stars in view, and press on with a 2 star alignment. I was testing my work by asking the handset to point the scope at the moon, given that's a target even I can find by myself! Once I'd done the "clutches" thing it went straight to the moon. Woohoo a result :) I had a good look at the Pleiades, just over the top of the house, and then tried the "Suggested Deep Sky Objects" from the handset. I must admit I'd never heard of the M44 Beehive Cluster, but the mount found it straight away. I was very impressed by that. My night vision is pretty poor, and I could see nothing with the naked eye in the direction the scope was pointing, but it was a lovely open cluster to look at through the scope. The challenge will be to repeat my success on another night, but for the moment I'm pretty chuffed with the new mount
  2. Here's hoping they will accept one or two of my children in part exchange for one of these.
  3. Phew I thought the clouds were because of me borrowing Turn Left at Orion from a friend and being all keen to try it out.
  4. Is there an option to increase the number of green boxes? Might be a problem with my laptop, but there appear to be too many red boxes? #weatherinducedsobbing
  5. I was all set to launch into an AP kit before reading this thread. Now I'm asking myself if I will have the time to set up an AP session properly? Maybe I would be better with a simple Dob I can set up and actually use? Maybe I should buy the Dob this year and defer the heq5 to next year? Then again I really should finish painting the kitchen before I buy anything! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  6. Just adding my thanks for all the Andromeda hunting advice. I've had no luck in the past from heavily light polluted Manchester, but sounds worth another try
  7. I was wondering if the experienced astronomers on the forum could help me out with the problem of clouds. Twice this week I have seen the clear skies darken and have taken my scope and other equipment out to set up in the garden. But on both occasions, just as I start observing, the clouds have closed in and the beautiful sky has disappeared behind the typical Manchester grey. So is there anything I should be doing to stop the clouds? I have tried obsessively checking the weather forecast every 30 minutes to see what might happen. I have tried reverse psychology, telling everyone I'm not planning to take the scope out that evening, a and then suddenly dashing, hoping to fool the elements. Neither have these have had any success. I wonder if there's some sort of ritual sacrifice I could try, but the livestock section on the firstlightoptics website seems to be down at the moment! Many thanks for any suggestions Paul Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  8. This is pretty close to what I have http://telescopeoutlet.co.uk/index.php/telescopes/sky-watcher-explorer-130p-telescope.html The mount is nothing special, but i have found it a good scope to start. First proper view of Saturn through it was a real wow moment - did you know the planet actually has rings!
  9. I have a SW 130P, a 99p webcam, and £10 worth of software. I'd love more kit but I'm determine to get my 99p worth of learning from the webcam before I spend serious money. I had one evening of playing before the gales rolled in, and this convinced me I need to learn the software better before I venture out into the cold again. Do get the book everyone recommends. I read it through and swore this hobby was too overwhelming for me. Then I read it again and decided there were bits I could attempt. So I'm learning the webcam now, and have attempted some constellation pics just using my canon DSLR and the APT software. See if you can come up with a roadmap of starting small and adding to your equipment through the year as you get nifty with what you have :-) Remember when you get your first recognisable photo to post it here, to encourage all us other beginners :-) Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for the advice :-) I hadn't spotted the DS suffix on the telescope names. Just shows I should do even more window shopping on astronomy websites! So something like this would go well with a DSLR ? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-150p-ds-ota.html maybe on an HEQ5. I've ready plenty of posts on the ED80s being very popular but still can't get my head round the differences. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  11. Cheers Patrik. Did I read somewhere that this can sometimes be overcome by using a Barlow to alter the focus point, or something like that? Though it may be better to buy a new scope along with a DSLR Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  12. I have just dismantled a quickcam fusion and removed the lens without (as far as I can tell) killing the thing, and I've downloaded and installed SharpCap. This probably explains the thick cloud and heavy drizzle outside!
  13. These pics are so encouraging for a beginner looking to get his first camera. Great kudos to all those who have posted :-) Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for the tip Neil. Makes me realise I need to get my head round the software side next - scratches head
  15. Thanks for everyone's ideas. I must admit I completely missed the point about actually having to focus! Will need to put some thought in there. I like the idea of a box with various components in, all ready to take outside in the unlikely event the clouds actually clear. I have just bought a 99p webcam on ebay, so will start by dismantling that and see if I can fit that to my little explorer, while I'm saving my pocket money for an HEQ5
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