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  1. He doesn't realise his own strength. Maybe he's David Banner..?
  2. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL!!
  3. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL!!
  4. Hi, and welcome to SGL!
  5. Thanks, I'll probably make one out of camping mat like you guys suggest. But, if you had to buy one from FLO, that would fit my scope. Which one would you opt for?!
  6. Isabelle, We've been very lucky here with clear skies. The clouds rolled in during the day and rained a little, although generally it's been clear, last night was spectacular and I saw a fair few like I mentioned. I'm going to have a look tonight too.. I hope it clears for you tonight!
  7. MissMessier


    :icon_salut:A warm welcome to SGL!
  8. 1. 10” LXD 75 SN 2. 10” Sct Out of the above two dew shields available at FLO, which one is best to fit on a 10" dob? Option 1 or 2? OR is it worth just making one from black camping mat or neoprene or a similar material with velcro instead?
  9. It was awesome..loved it and got some pretty good views. Spotted a good dozen or so..
  10. ...somebody wants a free tripod from FLO. Keep the other one - ebay it! If you're being serious, that's just bad luck.
  11. A very warm welcome to SGL!
  12. MissMessier


    A very warm welcome to SGL!
  13. A very warm welcome to SGL!
  14. A very warm welcome to SGL!
  15. Hi, a warm welcome to SGL!
  16. A small victory for man, but a giant leap for amateur astronomy...Congrats!!!
  17. I can't wait to see the first images from The James Webb Space Telescope. Apparently, there will be four science instruments on Webb: the Near InfraRed Camera, the Near InfraRed Spectrograph, the Mid-InfraRed Instrument, and the Fine Guidance Sensor Tunable Filter Camera. The James Webb's instruments will be designed to work primarily in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, with some capability in the visible range. It will be sensitive to light from 0.6 to 27 micrometers in wavelength. The James Webb has four main science themes: The End of the Dark Ages: First Light and Reionization, The Assembly of Galaxies, The Birth of Stars and Protoplanetary Systems, and Planetary Systems and the Origins of Life. It will be launched in 2014...
  18. Jamespels, The most apt for this time of year has to be The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count. Neil Hannon is very talented, they were such a great act in the day...
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