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  1. Thank you for your reply. I don’t have anything left (all the dobs and eyepieces sold ages ago), so starting from scratch. didnt have the space, but new house, more space so want to get in to it again. really apriciate your advice will have look tonight. I will definitely let you know if I need more help or advice. Thank you
  2. Hi there, awesome to be here. Just a little advice please. I always was dob/reflector man, but bought locally from Facebook (£40) this Helios (now Sky-Watcher) reflector. Is in great condition. I have read a mixed reviews about this scope, but for that money you can’t say now. I have the usual plosil lenses that comes as a standard, but was wondering what upgrades would you Astro wizzards recomend? the focuses is a bit......not great.... any possibility for upgrade? Dual spear? will use this scope for visual observation only at the moment. Mainly planetary and clusters and nebulas. Maybe solar observation? Thank you for any advice.
  3. Hi and welcome from me to :-)
  4. Hi and welcome to the SGL. I am super new to this ‘’star;; business. I did research for about 3 months, to decide what scope to buy. Should I buy 130p 150 200p 0n EQ5 mount reflector or 80 102 120 refractor. Just crazy. Well I had £200 budget and wife ( also Czech J ) that would not let me go over it....... she is a good insurance policy that i will not go crazy. Well I found second hand 130p on EQ2 mount with motor and extra case with 4 lenses and it cost me £120. The scope is in new condition. It was hardly used. Just had it for a week and it is very nice scope indeed. The setup is very easy, scope very portable and you will see loads and loads with it. I love my scope. On the end of the day all the scopes are doing the same J No matter which scope will you get you will love it. Manny
  5. Hi thank you for the advice and advice ( i needed ) Just an update on the scope: just paid for it, i end up to pay £120, so bargain of the ''century'' anyway on tuesday night i setup the scoope ( it took about 20 min ) and went on line to have look what i can see. well started with the big rock on the sky and it was AMAZING, the moon was magical. i know they you advised to not to use the 2'' eye peace, but as beginner i had to try it - will it will stay in away. then i just went and looked on th enight sky, just browsing around and get use to the scope. i think my favorite eye peaces are 20 and 25 mm. i started at 9:45 pm and then look on my watch and it was 3:15am. the last time i spend all night up, was when i discovered YouTube well i just had a shower and went to work - but it was just magical - hard to explain. I am hooked - BIG STYLE Manny
  6. manny*

    Hi people

    opppps posted on wrong vlog. but hey Manfred, wilcome!!!!! i ma new to
  7. manny*

    Hi people

    thanks guys ( ladies ) for the heads up. very nice from you. hope to speak to you soon, well be correct ask you soon loads of questions. thank you again
  8. Hi, thank you for the welcome. its great to be here. **UTMONKEY** i will take the scope home tonight try it and pay later :-) hope the weather will be ok tonight. thank you again for the advice and amazing welcome PS: i think will ask loads of questions in near future
  9. Hi James, thank you for your advice. Sorry i was not clear about the mount. It is on EQ2 it is with just the tracking motor. I do not think i will use the motor, i just want look at the sky and make my way around the planets and stars, galaxies .......... with ny hands. the scope is in grat shape ( cheked the mirrors and it look ok ) just need to play with the Alignment. thank you Manny
  10. Hi every one i am Manny ( first vlog ). I was coming to this site over 4 months now and i feel now is the time to join in. in the start you helped me to get my head around telescopes and mounts and all the busines asound my new hobby - THANK YOU !!! i just need advice: i am going to have look on skywatcher 130P tonight ( second hand ) it will come with motor and case with 4 lenses ( 2,5,15,20 mm) the whole lot is for £140. i like the scope, just perfect for me, as a beginner i feel this is superb peace of kit. just need a bit of reasurance that the price is ok. thank you
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