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  1. I missed the trunk I just caught the tip of it but there is plenty to see. 32 x 300sec @ ISO1600 processed in Startools and CS6. It's been a while but I hope ya'll enjoy
  2. It's been a while but here is my latest. My first M31 this year 24 x 300sec @ ISO800 Stacked in DSS processed in Startools and finished in CS6
  3. Thanks David. I don't know if you have noticed on the original one there are a some strange colour issues on the stars that a few people have commented on. This was an attempt to rectify them. Thanks for the comment. The galaxies on the first one are far better I think.
  4. I have had a good play with the colour module on Startools and I hope you'd agree that this looks much better there isn't the strange star colours. I did use CS6 to finish it off. I think I have lost some detail in the arms but that is a sacrifice I have had to make to get the colour balance better.
  5. 20 x 300sec @ ISO800 Dithered with calibration frames Processed in Startools and CS6 [/url]
  6. this was taken during the last full moon with no LP filters etc. As you can imagine there was a very heavy gradient but Startools dealt with that very well. 10 x 120sec @ ISO800 with calibration frames Processed in Startools and finished with CS6
  7. Another new one for me. 14 x 600sec @ ISO800 with calibration frames Stacked in DSS processed in Startools and CS6 I found this a difficult one to get to this stage it's still not quite right but I think I need more data.
  8. Congratulations I love this galaxy. You've done really well.
  9. I have added another 16 x 600sec @ ISO800 plus calibration frames to make this one 8.5hrs on target. This is the longest one I have ever done. It would have been longer had the clouds not turned up early evening.
  10. It's been a while since I had a go at this one but with 2 clear nights on the trot I had to give it a go. 68 x 300sec @ ISO800 with calibration frames Stacked in DSS and processed in starttool and CS6
  11. Martin here is a reworked one.
  12. Yep I know there is only 30 mins data and it's quite noisy so I was trying to reduce the noise. My processing is in Startools that is where the main global stretch takes place. I will revisit this so watch this space.
  13. It way back Wednesday and I did this back in 2016 and have had another go at it. 6 x 300sec @ ISO800 with calibration frames Processed in Startools finished in CS6 and final noise reduction with DXO Optical pro 11
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