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  1. The ED80 is a great scope for AP and can be picked up for a reasonable price 2nd hand.
  2. Hi Gary & welcome to the forum. The ED80 is a great scope and can also be picked up 2nd hand i.e. http://tinyurl.com/btcy29m
  3. MalJ

    New Guy

    Hi and welcome - we all have to start somewhere
  4. Having read the many comments - this sounds like a pretty good idea. I, like quite a few others on here, don't post that often - so reaching 500 'meaningful' posts myself isn't going to happen - but I do enjoy reading and learning from others knowledge of the subject. I do contribute where possible, but I feel I just don't have the in depth 'knowledge' to respond to some of the posts. It's a shame that this has happened - but any 'open' forum where people put their faith in others is going to suffer from so called 'traders' trying to make money!!
  5. Just received my upgrade kit today so this thread is invaluable due to no instructions on how to actually do the upgrade with the kit
  6. Just received one in 2 days from Opticstar without any problems...
  7. MalJ

    New Astronomer

    Hi Steve and welcome - I started out with binos (and still use them regularly)....
  8. Had mine on order for a few months as well from Amazon - had an e-mail to say it had been despatched - but not arrived yet Looking forward to it
  9. Pictures and video from the LRO: NASA - NASA Spacecraft Images Offer Sharper Views of Apollo Landing Sites
  10. Some more of Pete's photo can be seen here: Milky Way over Shropshire « Shropshire Star I live in Telford now but visit Trefonen quite regularly....
  11. Nice picture, I drive past the 'telescope' quite a lot so it's nice to see it like this.
  12. Watched it last night - amazing, all those stars and from my back garden I can hardly see any of them It was good though - particularly like the hotel in the desert!! As there's no natural water, it must have taken some doing to fill the pool!!
  13. 61 - took early retirement last year and found a new hobby
  14. Hi and welcome from me too
  15. This may be of some use? I struggled for ages trying to understand the manual for my EQ5 - then came across this on here - printed it out and suddenly it all made sense Astro Babys HEQ5 Polar Alignment
  16. I totally agree - it's also prevented me from going down the 'wrong route' and spending a fortune
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