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  1. probably not, maybe next time i'll let it cool down a bit more. i think i was in focus as i could make out the 'half moon' shape of venus, and the edges weren't too bad. there was just so many of them. do the mirrors disalign themselves over time even if you dont use it?
  2. so i just went out to take a look at venus with my celestron 130 newtonian and and highest magnification (9mm w/ barlow) the image was terrible. it was like 5 or 6 venus' overlapping eachother partially. im not sure if it was doing the same at lesser magnification as i couldnt make out the edges in any detail. does it just need collimating? its been a while since ive used it, a good few months (dam work) so was kind of gutted to see this having finally got the chance!
  3. i have a celestron nexstar 130 slt, so i think photography will be fairly achievable as it has pretty good tracking. dont get me wrong im not expecting to get amazing pictures of dso's, i'll be happy with some good pics of the moon, saturn, jupiter, and maybe some brighter stars/ constellations.
  4. So taking in to account the advice received in my other thread about eye piece sets, i was thinking of opting for the hyperion mk3 zoom lense instead of getting a set. before i commit though, i was hoping to get 1 small thing cleared up. I would eventually like to do some astro photography using a dslr (i dont have one of those yet) and have watched a few tutorial videos online so am aware of t-adapters/mounts. but as of yet i havent managed to get my head around one thing... Upon removing the detatchable lense from a dslr camera so that you can attach the t-adapter etc., do you lose the ability to zoom in using your camera when mounting it directly to the scope?. what i mean is, on a dslr camera, is the ability to zoom solely reliant on the attachable lense, or is there some zooming ability even without a lense attached? (sorry if this is a dumb question, ive never even held a dslr camera before, and havent got a clue) Because if im right in thinking you lose zooming ability upon removing the camera lense to attach a t adapter, i cant imagine the pictures you can take being very good. I ask about this because i know that you can get a dslr adapter for the hyperion mk3, thus restoreing the ability to zoom while the camera is mounted to the scope with it. If im right in my assumptions (unlikely) then this would definately make the mk3 worthwile. i also like the idea of not having to actually change the eyepiece to increase magnification.(lazy?!) i hope someone knows what im talking about, as ive probably not made myself clear, but its late and im very tired. i would be very greatful if someone could straighten this one out for me. depending on when you read this, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or goodnight cheers
  5. I agree the 4mm may not be much use. having done some shopping around tho ive noticed that there seems to be 2 different types of celestron sets sets floating around. one set i.e the one from FLO includes 4,6,9,15 and 32mm ep's and the other set (from amazon) has 6,8,13,17 and 32mm ep's. the amazon one seems the better bet as the 4mm may be no good, and i already have a 9mm. who knows! ah well, even if none of the ep's are any good, at least il have a nice box to keep my stuff in.
  6. Thanks for all the advice people! I read the sticky on eye pieces as suggested. Helpful stuff. i always wondered what these f/numbers meant! I think im leaning towards the celestron set at the moment, though im sure i'll change my mind a few more times before i splash out!
  7. Not long until my birthday so im trying to think of something to spend birthday money on... assuming i get any at all! My scope is a Celestron nexstar 130 slt, bearing in mind i have the 9mm and 25mm eyepieces that came with the scope, plus a celestron omni 2x barlow i bought seperately, which of these 2 sets would be more worth it for me? First Light Optics - Eyepiece Sets Would i have trouble focusing with anything less than a 9mm eyepiece? As always, any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. Does Futurama count as sci-fi? Because i like Futurama. Then again, im probably just immature...
  9. Its really good. Probably better on an ipad but still cant fault it. Its much smoother and more accurate than the other apps i have.
  10. Im off to Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh on tuesday. My girlfriend and i have booked a few excursions, the one im most looking forward to though is a stargazing trip in the desert. They drive you out before sunset, put a little show on for you then set up some telescopes when it gets dark. I cant wait to see how the sky looks. Should be crystal clear with no light pollution at all. Just wish i had a decent camera! Anyone else been on this trip in Egypt before or similar trips elsewhere?
  11. i have star chart, distant suns 3, pocket universe and star walk on my iphone. star WALK is the best hands down. easy to use, looks good, good price. favourite app on my whole phone.
  12. i was out last weekend (friday 22 april) gazing at saturn again and thought id attempt to take a picture of saturn using my iphone, and after a LOT of camera phone hovering managed this. i was using a barlowed 9mm ep at the time on my nexstar 130. i know its a crude image compared to many others on here, but its a start, i didnt even think it would work this well!
  13. Hello loungers, i joined this forum a few weeks ago but was so hasty with my 'which scope should i buy' questions, i never introduced myself properly. So... Hello! My names Shaun and, as you probably gathered, im from bristol (england). Im 21 and have recently bought my first scope, a celestron nexstar 130. My interest in astronomy was sparked by the bbc series, 'Wonders of the solar system'. Thats not to say i was never interested before, ive always appreciated the night sky, but watching that series triggered something in my mind that made me want to learn a lot more! Anyway, i look forward to speaking with, and learning from, all of you.
  14. Thats not a bad idea with the streetlight! i may try it, and while im at it i think i'll sabotage every halogen security light in my neighborhood too. What exactly are filters used for? Do they just alter the colour of the images you see? Or is there more to it than that?
  15. So, two weeks after getting my scope I finally got the clear night I've been waiting for! I know there's been a few clear nights lately but I've been waiting for a clear Saturday night so I didn't have to worry about getting up early for work the next day. Anyway, about half 11 last night i stuck my head out the window to see how clear it was and yes! Not a cloud in the sky. Out i went and a quick scan of the sky with my iphone app showed me saturn was in full view, just drifting over the roof of my house into perfect view from my back garden, just above and to the right of Spica. Unfortunately theres a streetlight right outside my front garden, so i have to wait until it drifts around the back before i even have a chance of decent viewing. So i hastily set up the new nexstar 130 and got it into my field of view using just the 25mm that came with the scope, just able to make out the rings i was already well impressed with what i could see. After setting up the auto tracking and centering Saturn in the eyepiece i got the 9mm lense with the 2x barlow out, slotted it into the eyepiece and needless to say, i was blown away. The clarity of the rings was unbelievable, better than i ever imagined. I also swung around for a quick look at the moon before it sank below the horizon, and again, was blown away at the amount of detail i could see just with the 25mm. Cant wait for the full moon on the 17th, just hope its clear. Anyway the moon vanished so i swung back round to saturn for one last look before calling it a night, just as my mum and brother returned home from work. they both had a quick gaze and couldnt believe it was real. we were all dumbfounded by saturns beauty. even my brother, who is the more materialistic type, not usually bothered about anything other than facebook or shopping, said seeing it 'made him feel special'. It really was an enjoyable night for me, and now im thinking of attempting some photography , i just need to buy a suitable camera. As i discovered last night, the iphone camera just doesnt suffice!
  16. There certainly is. I bit the bullet last Wednesday and went ahead and ordered the 130 . 2 days later it arrived! unfortunately though there hasnt been a clear night in bristol since then so havent had a chance to test it out. that didnt stop me setting it up in my living room though, and in terms of build quality/ ease of assembly i cant fault it yet. im also awaiting delivery on a barlow lens and moon filter so hopefully they'l arrive in time with a good clear night and i can finally get out there and enjoy the night sky in a bit more detail.
  17. Hi im new, just registered and im looking for some advice. I've been shopping around on the net for weeks and weeks for a good first telescope and Ive managed to narrow myself down to two that both look pretty good but just cant decide which one to go for. Can anybody offer me any advice between the two telescopes in the title? From what i can gather, putting design and aesthetics aside, these two are quite similar optically, despite the 127 being slightly more expensive. any help would be much appreciated.
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