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  1. what EP u lot using to see it? I have an 11" dob, i cant even find M51 yet Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. So far, that has given me the best formula 9mm TMB P2 with 2X Barlow.. I have never seen the gap in Saturns ring until last night with "V poor" viewing, with limited £££ and months before i get my main recoated, i wanted to purchase a new lens to get ready or push things, Remember, my main 11" mirror was last recoated 1991 !! @ AD astra, if i ever go USA, Calif is 1st place id visit,! Thanks
  3. Hi fellow Stronies, Im unable to get my head around something.. i have an 11" Reflector F5, I was viewing objects and obviously noticed the size gain with/and clarity loss. I "think" i read i cannot (theoretically) go over 300 X Mag which is what the 9mm X2 Barlow would give me (F10)???, but cani go further? how do i get to view things larger? I know by using barlows, it doubles the distance and basically halves the clarity, but what is the best formula for biggest/best viewing (on a good night) say Planets/Moon... 9mm & barlow X2=4.5mm/X3=3mm/X4=2.25/X5=1.8 barlow? I currently own 25mm PLossl 6.5mm Plossl 9mm TMB P2 Celestron X2 Barlow Should i get a X3 or X4 X5 barlow or consider a new 4mm ? Thanks Stu
  4. Thats on my list of places to go! Holiday for AStronomy, just wont mention it to my missus and pretend i didn't know. Ohh look luv, they hire out Telescopes! lol
  5. Thanks guys, Yea £500 is way out of my range.. I didnt think about the fact id have to move bits about to maintain the focal length.. Recoating my 11" it is then..
  6. I mistakenly thought i had a 12" main Mirror "hense my username" but since found out its an 11" which desperately needs re-coating.. I was wondering where i could purchase a new 12" mirror that is already coated and how much they go for as i have room to fit it in my tube then sell my 11" Then i get a 10% upgrade and can swap them straight over instead of waiting for 4 weeks for it to be recoated.. Any suggestions please guys/gals? Thanks Stu
  7. Id like to attend, From Hertfordshire, just north of London UK obviously Stu
  8. Hi n Welcome.. All good here
  9. If u stick ur head out the window, low down to the East, you will see the Moon.. compared to last month when they said the moon is the closest it has been for 19 years? Tonight it looks bigger than it did then. Why is this? Looks massive.. Just waiting until it rises a bit more
  10. I "think" i read that i can convert Stellarium stats to line up with the (angle / declination) i would get from wixy? ??
  11. Lol Ken, you're more eager than me. I read it is important to be on level sturdy ground as it will move. it moves on 2 axis. i think (please say if im wrong). but the wixy will just show the angle of the tube. if the gound is moving then so will the tube. I usually have mine on my decking, when my missus or kids come out, it starts wobbling all over the show.
  12. Thanks Guys and thanks Steve Anyone set me in the right direction for a half decent Wixey.. I'm having a look on Ebay but i don't want to just compulse buy. Something like this.. ? (hope im allowed eflea links) Digital Angle Gauge Protractor Inclinometer Wixey NEW | eBay UK
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