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  1. im sure there a few stargazers in luton, that if the club is inactive, then maybe can do there own, i think stockwood park in luton would be a great place to take our telescopes.
  2. samantha25

    My brothers pictures.

    this is a selection of photos taken by my brother, not sure what kind of scope he has but will tell you when i find out. Enjoy!
  3. wow i love brian cox! i think he is so sexy.
  4. hey chesty the name is luton astronomical club and the address is University of Bedfordshire, hitchin road, putteridge bury, half a mile beyond the stopsley roundabout, here is the link Untitled Document not sure if there is anything goin on there at the moment, i think we will have to wait for an update. but hope it helps a bit.
  5. thank you, its good to know that there are people who are willing to answer any questions that i may have. I am ok for now, but will definitely post if i have the need to, but will also post for general chatter.
  6. i would be very happy if i could get to see titan, even if it is a small dot. lol. whats the best that you have seen?
  7. thanks again, i would really love to see Titan, that is my favorite, would i be able to see that with a 200P ? i love Saturn and Titan, and Betelgeuse. I know i would be able to see Betelgeuse with ease and Saturn too, but im not sure about Titan.
  8. wow everyone is a lot friendlier on here than they are on 'bad astronomy forum' lol i like this forum, its great meeting you all.
  9. thanks everyone, have jus checked and there is a club in luton, not far from me, will have to try and get there, and you do get a chance to look through some scopes, so i will be able to have a go and see what kind of scope would be comfortable for me. but trying to find a dealer in my area is not that easy. but i will not give up :-)
  10. hello everyone, thank you for the warm welcome. I do not have a scope yet i am looking around to buy one, i have made another thread on help for a suitable one.
  11. ok thanks for your help guys, i will be using it in my back garden, or on the hills behind my house, im not really fussy if it is portable or not. but ive heard great comments about the 200P so i might look into that more.
  12. Hello my name is Samantha, i am 25 years old, i am married, been married for 6 years and i have 2 children.
  13. Hello im new to this site and i have a question, what kind of telescope would you recommend for a first time buyer? i have searched loads of sites but cant seem to find one that would be suitable for me. i found this one that i like, can anyone tell me whether it is good or not, Sky-Watcher Explorer-200P 8" Parabolic Newtonian Reflector Telescope or would this one be appropriate for me? http://www.green-witch.com/acatalog/info_OV_10709.html i really appreciate anyone who can help me here.
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