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  1. Some great advice coming in and advice that saves me money too! Thank you all. Unless i can convince her about the Dobsonian I think the discovery would be a good first option then. I'm not sure why she's so against them. It just doesn' have "the look" i guess. Its a shame cus i love the look of them and would go straight for the 250 with the synscan which I know would be incredible! Thank you all again.
  2. I think you could 'e right about that @alanjgreen. I don' want to put either of us off with anything too big and heavy and therefore unmanageable. How do you think the 6" celestron nexstar compares to the SW star discovery 150?
  3. Hi @alanjgreen i think that VISUAL is definitely the way for us to go and have seen a few recommendations on here over the past few hours for the Skywatcher star discovery 150 with goto. I think this might be a good way to go for us. Is there a equivalent to this with more aperture. May be an 8" version? Or does that take me into the EQ5 area!? It sounds like (for us) that an equatorial mount might not be the way to go. Thank you
  4. Thank you for your replys. It' very much appreciated. I'm not sure what groups there are here in Hull. I went along to one a couple of years ago but they didn' get any scopes out. It was more of a lecture and I understood very little. But I guess it' worth trying to see if there are any other groups now? I'll take a look at the skytee mount you mentioned.
  5. Hi all. I'm new here. My daughter (13) and I are looking to get our first telescope this Christmas and have a budget of around £900 - £1000, give or take. Reading as much info as I can it's a real minefield / information overload! We're both brand new to this so are looking for something simple enough to use/setup and will last us, but also something that we wont be disappointed with the results of. I've been looking at a reflector - Skywatcher 200P or the 200PDS on the EQ5 mount. I'm told the eq5 wouldn't hold the 10". And don' think I could get the HEQ5 or the NE6 PRO. I've also looked at the refractor Skywatcher Evostar 150 also on the eq5. We hope to get good general views of everything - moon/planets etc. but also some DSO. My daughter would much prefer a "traditional" looking setup rather than a dobsonian (sadly). I wondering if a refractor offers a more 'grab n go' approach over an 8" reflector?? I know you guys must get this soooo often but please throw me a bone here, im tearing my hair out not knowing what the right move is. I understand for DSO that aperture is king but i hear that a refractor would give clearer images for moon/planets. I just need some advice/reassurance. I'm by no means set on the 2 mentioned above. Yesterday I looked at a thread on here of photos taken on an eq3 mount which looked great to me but i also hear that astrophotography should almost be seen as a totally different area and I should think about one or the other!? To produce those beautiful colour-filled pictures of nebula etc would be a dream come true. Should I just forget this dream on my budget or is it a possibility? Honestly, anyone with anything to say would be so gratefully received. Many thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I could really do with some help/tips/advise on whether or not to go ahead with above scope......? I've been agonising over which telescope to buy for about 5 weeks! The trouble is, When it comes to understanding what to buy - the more I learn - the less I know!!!! Originally I was keen to get something transportable as we go camping throught the year and something that I could eventually start to use with astrophotography. Its my understanding I wouldn't get the magical swirls of colour etc just by looking through the eyepiece. Unless those coloured filters you can buy help with this as well as with bring out detail on planets??? Any ideas anyone? The more I look into things the more I starting to rethink astrophotography. Seems to me like it may well be an ever-increasingly expensive part of the hobby? I'm currently thinking about buying the skywatcher 300p synscan dobsonian telescope. Something - probobaly not suited to long exposure photography due to basic mount. I'm concerned I may have fallen in to the "appature is king" trap. Bigger is better! Is there a trap? I haven't given up on wanting something transportable and feel I could manage to take this one away with us - not prehaps in my current Fiat punto but in the peugeot 3008 I'm getting in May. I've found this 12" scope with synscan for £1295 which I'm just about willing to spend up to. I wanted to ask what peoples views were on this scope? Good or bad - but preferably great! Do you think I'd be dissappointed with the views - particularily with regards to lack of colour? Is the a good scope for moon, palnets & Deep space (deep space being what I think i'd most like to examine) I'd appreciate any tips/help/oppinions etc that you could offer. Regards, Starbarkingduck
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