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  1. There is a beautiful part of Wolverhampton, you just have to look up lol. Taken with a Nikon D40, 77 sec exposure, iso 800, f5. A bit over exposed but always nice to take the camera off the scope and get a free sky shot.
  2. This is a tricky set up. I had a 130eq and had the same problem. I can't remember exactly how I managed to achieve focus but I did get there. Play around with a barlow attached. Also there are a couple of parts (eye piece area) that actually screw completely off, allowing your DLSR to get closer the action, that might just get you into focus. The DSLR wont be secure though. I remember using a couple of elastic bands to hold it in place. One of the great things about being an Amateur Astronomer is that you experiment until you find a way. Good luck.
  3. I'm naming this Image "Big Moon" as those were my 2 yr old Daughter's own words when looking through my Telescope for the first time on Thursday and saw this staring back at her. She loves the Moon, absolutely fascinated and to see her reaction when she saw it through my telescope was priceless. So I imaged it. The image was taken with a Nikon D40, 1 single shot and a bit of detail brought out with some post processing.
  4. Thank you for the insight. Always nice to be educated and get an understanding of what it is we are watching/studying. I have to say, these things make our fireworks look like, well, cheap fireworks lol.
  5. Hi all, Just a quick observation and to see if anyone has any ideas or I.D on what it might be. I saw an object streak across the sky last night, roughly from North to South as I headed down the M54 towards Wolves, right in front of me. 5.40pm. Just below the position of the Moon. Slight green tint as it flashed and seemed to seperate. I would gauge that this was not an aircraft purely from the speed and then the small flash. Leaving a very long trail of what looked like smoke that stayed around for about 20 minutes drifting upwards until it was over the position of the Moon and then dissipating eventually. Any ideas or reports that you know of? Debris? Comet burning up? Sorry for the quality of the pic. All I had was my phone on me and managed to catch some of the leftover trail in the moonlight. Obviously curious. Many thanks, Paul
  6. Woohoo , I finally used my Webcam to get a Lunar shot on 23.04.13. Poor seeing conditions but the finished product didn't come out too badly. Logitec quickcam 4000 used in WXAstrocaptrure. 90 frames stacked in Registax and tweaked the wavelets.
  7. Hi all, Just a quick question. Does the light gathering power of a telescope have a direct correlation to the amount of stars that can be seen? For example, given the same FOV, would a scope with double the light gathering power, show double the number of stars? Just curious. Regards, Paul
  8. Well, I dropped the Gain and lowered the FPS, then had to play around for ages in Registax to try and bring any details out. It's a slightly better image but not brilliant, very fustrating as I know I should be achieving better images than this. Will try Sharpcap maybe next time as suggested above as the tutorials look pretty good.
  9. Brilliant advice, thanks guys. I didn't even realise these setting were there until afterwards so they must have been on auto. Clear skies pending, I'll have another crack tonight and play with the settings, particularly the gain and shutter bars. Thanks again !
  10. Hi all, I used my webcam for the first time tonight and the image I am getting just seems to over exposed. Any ideas? I used a Celestron C8 NGT, Logitec Quickcam 4000, 15 frames per second. I used WX Astrocapture to capture the footage and just opening the program back up now, there appears to be a load of settings to do with Exposure (Brightness, Gamma, Gain, Shut). I've packed up for the night now but any advice on this would be appreciated and I will test it again tomorrow hopefully. Many thanks, Paul
  11. Lol. I love my Astromaster. That big brutus C8 has got a lot to live up to !
  12. Enjoy. I just upgraded from a 130 to a 200 newt and just like you, wasn't expecting it to be that much bigger. My Wife thinks I'm taking over the House.
  13. Had my new C8 NGT arrive yesterday. Just about put togther and now just waiting for a nice clear night to test it out. My Astromaster 130eq now has a Big Brother. Will post some Astrophotography as soon as I get chance.....
  14. Ordered a Celestron C8 NGT online with 365 Astronomy on Sunday. Good communications, arrived Thursday with Fedex. Packed well, no problems, very pleased. Looking forward to using it. Now my Astromaster 130eq has a Big Brother ! Would use 365 again, recommended. Paul !
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