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  1. Hi all i'm waiting too for the Ikharos scope. just had an e-mail from Ian King, he said that the scopes are due to ship this Friday and should be here around the week beginning 25th July - Ian has also said, as others have, the chinese manufactures can be unreliable with their dates. "So don't hold your breath" Bootsclan
  2. Hi Tony Welcome to SGL!
  3. Hi Brantuk The Ikharos comes with a matched field flattener and 0.8x Reducer taking it from F/7 to F/5.6. Also the 1.25" & 2" adapter for the focuser, so don't have to worry about those. So i guess it is worth getting a 2" low mag EP for good wide FOV. Any thoughts on what size 32mm? was there any thoughts on the combination of EP's / couple of EP'sand a barlow. Jahmason with a similar scope what range of EP's do you use?
  4. i've just got rid of my skymax 127mm and Eq3-2 to fund my purchase of an Ikharos 102 APO and new mount. I'm waiting for them at the moment. The scope is going to to be an imaging and visual scope for the time being and I need to get some EP's. I want to get an allroundish set I'm going to be on a bit of a budget -looking at revelation EP's and TMB clones etc. Had been thinking about 6mm , 14mm, 21mm, and then maybe a lower mag wide FOV 2". but i'm not sure quite what the difference will be between the 2" and 1.25"? For example at 32mm would the FOV much different between the two? What thoughts do people have? WOuld this be a good idea or would anyone consider a good barlow and some different mag's. ANy help woul be greatly appreciated?
  5. bootsclan


    Hi and welcome to SGL. This is a great place to learn!
  6. Hi Ross I have a skymax 127 on an eq3-2. I will be upgrading already to an heq5 maybe a 6, as I don't think it's that stable. I will also to a apo refractor for dso's and imaging. The 127 is great for moon and planets and is not too bad with a wecam for both! But I'm pretty new to this but within a year my intisl setup needs upgrading for what I want.
  7. Thanks guys for the advice! This is such a place to learn! Well I'll be using the mount with my skymax and hopefully a refractor if imaging gets a grip of me. But I do need something pretty soon as the eq3-2 is not so hot. What is the main difference between the HEq5 and NEq6 then? One question I also have is about the syntrek? models as they don't come with a Goto Hand controller can you use Laptop to control the aligning with Eqmod. Not really sure how that works? Anyone give the basic gist of how?
  8. Hello I'm currently using a skymax on an Eq3-2, I'm messing around with a flashed spc880 at the moment and eventually I want to use my DSLR on some DSO's. In the meantime I've been thinking about upgrading my mount and really not sure what to go for in terms of stability (minimum vibration) longevity if i decided I wanted a newt at some point in future. What do people think is mininum you need in terms of astrophotography?
  9. bootsclan


    Also thanks to everyone for all the welcomes! Simon
  10. bootsclan


    Thanks for the advice, I think I will get it as it seems to be recommended by so many people. As many others do I would rather try and get my gear as 'right' as I can, within budget and need, first time round. Simon
  11. bootsclan


    Well after about a year of owning my skymax 127 on an EQ3-2 and generally pottering and finding my way around the night sky, I thought I really ought to take the plunge and introduce myself. I have got the bug and currently debating on ugrading the mount and maybe purchasing a refractor for some DSO observing/photography? Not sure yet. P.s I hate dew!
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