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  1. Hi again and a big WOW for the number of replies in just a few hours.

    @James - thanks for the detailed reply, I was given the telescope by a friend of a friend, etc.. but unfortunately they had lost the eye pieces adverts state come with it. The broken part of the tripod will not prevent use as it is being held together with a couple of major cable ties (just cannot close up the tripod of storage).

    Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and the advise on eye piece sets..


  2. Hi All,

    I've always had a fascination with space, etc... but never really had the opportunity to properly look at the moon/planets/stars until now.

    I have been luckily gifted a Konusky-200 Motor telescope but there are a couple of issues:

    1. There are no eye pieces with it. I have read the sticky and threads about eye pieces but an not sure how much i should be spending to get the most from this telescope.

    2. One if the plastic parts of the tripod leg is broken. I have searched the internet for a manual or spare parts for the telescope but have had no look.

    Any help would be appreciated and sorry if i have asked these questions in the wrong section. I am sure i will have many more questions,etc once i can use the telescope for the first time.


    Mark... :D

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