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  1. I don't know whether to be joyously impressed or totally depressed: there's no way 99.999% of us will ever produce such a stunning image!
  2. That really is a "WOW" picture! The workflow details however prove that a picture that impressive is a bit more involved than the average snapshot! If I had a hat on I'd tip it in your direction sir! Amazing!
  3. Great review. My Skymax has suffered from cloud cover on almost every available night since I got it, so your run through of what you've seen in heavy LP area gives me hope that eventually I'll see more than fleeting views of Orion and Saturn - good as they were of course!
  4. Good work Alan! Your instructions should help a fair few SynScan users.
  5. So essentially buying even a good quality Barlow is simply using up money that could be better put towards a high res eye piece?
  6. Are there any comparison reviews of astronomy smartphone apps? (I'm assuming there's more than one!)
  7. It's a great simiulator in terms of showing the relative magnification and FOV of the scope/ep, but it uses colour images as if photographed rather through actual eyes, so bear that in mind. Other than that though it is very useful.
  8. It should be a lot larger but as it's so far away we'll just have to make do with it being small! Some of the pic's on here using quite small 'scopes and images captured through webcams make it clear that you can still get some very nice images - with a fair bit of skill, some luck and a lot of patience!
  9. Good question! ... and thanks for the good answer Willarnold! Sometimes the simple things are what cause major problems!
  10. Let us know how you get on with the webcam. Having looked around a bit the Morgan bundle does seem a very good offer.
  11. Thanks for the insights LMC and Part Timer. I may have to wait a while before making a purchase but all the advice received will help a lot. Cheers, Key
  12. You could try wearing shades, or maybe shine a torch in your eyes to ruin the dark adaptation, either way you'll only see the really bright stars!!! On a serious note though as the majority of constellations pre-date the modern phenomenon of light-pollution how did "the ancients" manage to see the patterns if we can't in what must be similar conditions?
  13. Nice problem to have! Every time I look outside it's nothing but clouds! Seriously though, it must be confusing. Star overload!
  14. True, it makes the TMB even more tempting. It's quite scary how expensive some kit is!
  15. Stunning! Seen a lot worse published in books and magazines!
  16. Interesting that the clone performed better. Is it possible that the 'original' was a poor specimen and the clone was a very good one? I wonder just how consistent the quality/performance of ep's are? Anyone seen a review comparing ep's of the the same make/model?
  17. Wow! Now that's what you call a review! Very in-depth, clearly justifies each opinion and seems to give a fair overview in that yes they're all good, but some are better than others. The TMB Planetary is nowhere near top-ranking but the wide FOV and good price still make it a contender for me. Thanks for the link.
  18. You're right of course re the mid/high end of the range, but a purpose made piece of kit to suit the masses would surely be very popular and lead on to a decent number of extra sales at the higher end when people decide their interest and skill now makes an upgrade a less costly gamble.
  19. Given all the interest in these astronomically suited webcams why don't Philips and others manufacture them for this market? That would save a lot of people a load of hassle and the risk of ruining the webcam/not being able to sort out the right driver, and the makers would reap reward of profits on the whole bundle rather than just the webcam itself. Anyone got contact details for Dragon's Den?
  20. Anyone got opinions on the TMB 6mm planetary (Type II) ep? Looks good on paper, but what about in practice?
  21. Don't buy a used car from them either!
  22. What's the eye relief like, some 6mm ep's seem to have pinhole lenses and relief of only a few mill's! I've seen TMB 6mm planetary (Type II) for under £40 which have an extra lens down the barrel which gives around 16mm relief and 58deg FOV. I've read that TMB are very well regarded in general; anyone used this specific ep?
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